Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Off to KL

Again I woke up very early today at 4am (heehheee don't ask at what time I slept last night..very early also :). After I did the laundry and tidy the house, I started to pack the clothes and things into our travel bag. Yup, this is going to be my next visit to KL.. again! within 2 weeks! This time around all my heroes are coming with us. We actually wanted to finish off our entitlement holiday for the year 2006. We still left with 5 days but hubby can only leave his clinic for 2, then we decided 2 days is enough. After all I have a few things to settle in KL like looking for a house to rent, finding a few books (arghhh..I am going to be a student again?) and also visiting my newly born niece. Oh ya, I planned to meet up with LJ and Emila too. Hopefully this time around the meeting will not be cancelled again. Thus, with all that in the itinerary, I guess my time is very limited especially for shopping :( Never mind may be next time :)
OK with all the laptop robbery nowadays I planned to leave my Blazing Red and with that I have no chance to to all my blogging friends..expect a silent from me for the next 3 days..heheheee Take Care and Labour Day wish to everyone :)

1 comment:

LadyJava said...

Laptop robbery?? Really?? Wah tak tau pun..ish ish ish.. takut lahh..

Anyway... i look forward to meeting you today!! Call me this afternoon or something ok to confirm details..

Have a safe drive down!!