Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bowling with the boys..

It's bowling time!! I love to play bowling but I can count how many time I got a strike :p hehhehehe masuk longkang byk tak terkira laa...The last time we went for the game was about 5-6 months ago, so last night hubby and I decided to bring the boys to try the game (previously the just watch us playing). Luckily there were shoes that fit Danial's...or else he cannot play and he must be very difficult to handle when we were playing. We played 2 games.
Aiman quite good at controlling the ball..I mean for it to go straight on the lane..not into the 'longkang'..
But Danial, apart from the ball was quite heavy for him, it was slightly difficult to teach most of his balls went into the longkang.
Afiq was very good, he didn't make any sound even...may be because he was already sleepy when we started to play. We just let him walk around. Bak as usual love the game too...and he even went for a few bowling tournament before. After the 2 games everybody was so tired and was almost 10pm. The two boys were very excited and request to come again tomorrow! Errr...may be next next week when I'm on a long holiday. Pssst: Bak should we all get our own pair of bowling shoes and bowling balls??? :)

Mummy in action!

Before we went back..

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Aimandanialafiq updated!




But still energetic...

Regaining energy...

Another mission..
Yeah!!..enjoying the scenery outside mummy's appartment...:)
The scene...the drain where Afiq fell into...

I could not remember when was the last time I wrote about Afiq, my little boy. He is almost 1 year 4 months old. He started to walk at the age of 1 year 2 months..quite late compared to his 2 brothers. He is very active...and he loves to go to the bathroom and of course loves to play with the water too...luckily his hand cannot reach the water in the toilet bowl!!! or know he will do it ok. I came home on Friday night and I was surprised looking at him sleeping with 2 bruises over his left eyelid...and even abrasion wound! Oh what happen?? I thought he had it when he was sleeping, but no way that was not a new wound. Then, hubby told me, he fell into the drain! What???? Yes he fell into the drain while my maid (mak lang) went outside to hang the clothes..and of course Mak lang didn't realised he was following her..Oh poor Afiq. Luckily the wound missed his left eye. Today the wound recovered well.

Hahahahaa ni takde mood kena paksa bergambar :P

His happy face..

last raya in JB..

Danial..he is as usual, has a lot of ideas and very difficult to handle sometimes. When Aiman started his first day at school and we have to buy him exercise books from school..Danial want them Bak had to buy few books and colour pencil for him too..although we already paid for him to get them from his kindy. Everytime he is in the car he would say "bak,bukak bumbung" even it is raining!! But I think he is the one who is most affected when I'm not around..he would say "mak balik lama ke?" :)

Nampak mcm muka sakit ..kan?

Aiman down with fever the last day he went to school last week. According to hubby his temperature was very high and he went a bit delirious whenever his temperature was high..saying that he saw something big! Luckily hubby started antibiotic early so by the second day his fever settled. Today he go to school as usual but his appetite still not very good. I'm going to cook his favourite dish today..hopefully his appetite will recover very soon.

Skybridge KLCC during last Christmas.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I was on my bed just now trying to sleep but I couldn't fall sleep because my mind keep thinking of my life...I wonder how am I going to face the days ahead. Now I realised that juggling between being a full time student, a mom of 3 heroes and a wife is not an easy task. Physically I feel very tired especially travelling 400km every weekend (and to be frank I'm the type of person who is very difficult to fall asleep while travelling..even at night!)..and emotionally I'm exhausted with all my 'brain torturing' assignments and assignments datelines and missing my other half and my kids :( during weekdays. Initially I'm 100% sure that this is my right be a full time student, leaving my family, leaving the comfort zone in my working lines and etc..but now I'm not that sure. Sometimes I was forced to make a difficult decision, like absent to class or missing my son's 1st day at primary school (absent means whole day absent,coz I cannot afford to be absent only in the morning and be there in the afternoon coz I am 400km away from my class)...but of course being me and I guess being every mom we will choose the 2nd option right?..and that was what I did on Monday!..hahahahhaa. Aiman 1st day at school!! I don't want to miss that..I planned to blog about it but too tired on that day, so hubby said he will do and he did it here. My first semester went smoothly as I passed all the paper I sat for the exam..Alhamdullillah and now I started to worry about my final exam and that result will determine whether I'm qualify or not to proceed to phd programme. I do feel that I have no time for myself..but I don't bother about it much, but after I watched Desperate Housewives (Oh, should I write here that I bought a complete set of season 1 Desperate Housewives??:p..which I never watch before..) I started to think about it..hahahhaaa...anyway I can't wait to finish it during my next semester break :p . Well, for now I take it as a problem that I have to find my way to solve it.. everybody has their own sets of problems right? Things never go so well that you should have no fear, and never so badly that you should have no hope...:)

pssst: is it because I'm tired and sleepy that makes me feel like this or the other way around??errr..not sure but I surely need a good deep sleep tonight :)