Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's me..

This is me..yes me! After another period of hibernation :) Tomorrow is the last day of my exam, another paper...Epidemiology! Hate it..ops! I took this opportunity to update my blog because tomorrow I'll be going back to my hometown and fyi, no internet at home!!! apparently some stupid desperate ba*t**d stole our telephone cable last week (and that's the reason why my hubby also cannot update his blog) and of course no telephone, no internet :(
Anyway, I try to take it positively...may be it's the time for me to spend 24/7 with my kids. and hubby..which I'm looking forward to :) So guys be prepared to hear me shouting in the house..hehehhee
My exam? Well don't want to talk bout it now..wait till the result come out I'll blog about it. This week and next week are the exam week for masters student in HUKM. So everybody is cracking their head..and so sorry to hear that part one surgical exam was real tough. Its OK guys "Winners never quit and quitters never win" :) Whatever it is I've gone through this semester quite well which I hope a good start for me...the only thing is I miss my kids and hubby badly lately..hmm may be because I didn't see them for the past 2 weeks! Yes 2 weeks because I decided not to go back last weeked to prepare for my exam...Anyway, they are coming tonight to fetch me and we are going back together tomorrow right after my paper...hehhehehe tq Bak (susah payah Bak naik bas..).
Oh actually today is aiman's kindy graduation ceremony...I missed it :(
OK have to go...I have so many things to revise tonight...wish me luck :)