Thursday, July 24, 2008


HELLO EVERYBODY!!!!! It's me...after about a month silence. I was told by hubby that he had updated my blog this morning I tried my best to get connected and guess where I 'm doing this?? In the department!..During our video session (we are required to watch this video called Minamata..have you ever heard about that?It's actually a documentary on Mercury poisoning in Minamata Bay in Japan..psssst pls google for further info OK). I just want to take this opportunity to thank my hubby for his sacrifice and to tell the world that he is the greatest hubby in the world for me and the best Daddy for my kids. Who will take care of 3 small boys alone especially at night without any help?..and even brought them for a holiday..? You think :)
Well, back to my student life...nothing interesting but I love what I'm doing now except being separated from my family during weekdays and travelling 800km weekly :( but guess what..? I'll have my semester break for 2 weeks starting from 2nd August! Yeayyyy.....(hahhahahaaa really like a student huh...waiting eagerly for the holiday to come). Before I forget..Afiq is now 10 months old and he started to crawl errr not started but he can crawl very fast already and he loves going into the bathroom! I will put up a video of him crawling later when I'm at home. Aiman and Danial still like they used to be..very active and talkative and have lots and lots of ideas. I noticed that Danial frequently kiss my cheek whenever I'm at home...may be he is trying to tell me that he miss me but I guess he just don't know what to say and just give me a kiss. Sedih nyerrr... :((( Oh ya..I really need a suggestion from you my online friends. Actually my hubby's bday is coming in 3 weeks time...what should I get him??I bought him a wallet last month, so wallet is please give me some suggestions OK? Think that's all for now, got to finish my work..because tomorrow is the last day to submit my thesis proposal summary. To all of you take care and have a nice day :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's Up?

Dear readers,

As my wife Natrah is doing her masters right now, she is very busy with her hectic schedule. Mostly she would have classes during the weekdays and would come back to Baling during the weekends as her weekend are free from any classes.

She would travel back by bus most of the time except for last friday when she flew back to Penang from KLIA. I took the opportunity to bring the 3 heroes along to Penang as I had booked a room at Golden Sands Resort in Batu Feringghi. This is the 1st time that I had drove the 3 of them together at the same time outside of Baling.

How did went? I had cramps at my left shoulder and forearm. Initially the little cutie Afiq was very good. He sat on his child seat quitely until we went aboard the ferry. He became restless and started to cry. I had to pat him (tepuk) him with my left hand and drive with my other hand. By the time we reached Golden Sands and checked in, it was about 6p.m. Everybody was tired and hungry, (mind you, we had our lunch very early at about 12.45pm and handn't eaten since). But knowing the fact that we will be picking up our heart and soul at the airport kept our spirits soaring.
We waited patiently at the departure bay (hehe, i didn't want to wait at the arrival due to the heavy traffic) until there she is...... everybody was excited cept for Afiq as he fell asleep waiting. Aiman and Danial kept on talking and talking due to the excitement. We went for our dinner at a place call Marton. We had ikan bakar, kerang bakar, etc...... but the service was so so and the food was late. I don't think that we would go back there again. We rushed back to the hotel as i wanted to go to the infamous pasar malam near the hotel to buy some dvd (shhhh, not original one). We came back dissappointed as they had been rushed by the local authorities a few days back. Never mind, i vowed to come back again to get the dvds.

The next day we let Aiman and Danial enjoy themselves at the swimming pool. Oh, I forgot to mention that the hotel is crawling with Arabs. It seems that it is the peak season for Arabs to come here to Malaysia to escape the hot weather there. But being a local tourist has its disadvantages as the hotel staffs seems to be more helpful and more courtiest to them than to us. When I checked in into the hotel, there was no one offering me to help with the luggage. I was carrying Afiq with one hand, carrying my laptop on my back, and carrying another beg with my other hand. I was dissappointed with that. Its like a Malay proverb "kera di hutan disusukan, anak dikendung mati kelaparan". Maybe the management should look into that.

The next day we went to Gurney Plaza, where we did some shopping. Well, I did most of the shopping. I bought 3 shirts, and a pants at East India. I've been looking to buy for quite some time now and i managed to buy 3 in one shot. I wanted to buy another one from Bonia but I think I'll save some when we're going to KL next month to do a shopping spree.

Then we rushed back to Alor Star to see natrahs' parents. Her father had another episode of mild stroke. This time it is a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA), he had the attack 3 days earlier on Thurday. Luckily its just a mild attack and he improved to normal afterwards. He had been neglecting his health by not taking medicine regularly and i hoped that he would continue to take care of himself. Afterall, he is my father also.

Well, that's just a quick update to you all on what's been happening so far. Don't worry, Natrah will be back soon.