Sunday, June 29, 2008

Danial's Birthday

It has been 2 weeks since I last posted here...hmmm quite busy huh? :). Well, you know being a student right?..with homework and all, plus travelling back home every weekend (never fail up till now!), they keep me busy almost everyday. Oh I should write about Danial's birthday which we celebrated it 2 weeks Cinta Sayang Sports Cafe. Initially we planned it to be held at home but since I was not around during weekdays and I'm too tired to hold a party at home (with all the preparation and cleaning after that...oh NO!). Finally we just invited my parents and sister and her family and my helper's son. The party started with them had a splashed at The Carnival Sungai Petani. It is not as big as other water theme park but I guess all kids will love it. After we spent about 2 hours there we headed to one of the Cafe in Cinta Sayang Golf and Country Resort. I chose to have a dinner there because the steamboat is quite nice. Aiman and Danial love eating in front of the stove with boiling soup. I guess they like the cooker instead of the food inside :)

My family...waiting to be served :)

Look how he stared at the cooker...

I love steamboat but some places put a lot of other things like fish ball, crab stick and etc. instead of the seafood. I don't like that :(

It was almost 9pm when we started our dinner...and The Birthday Boy almost fell asleep..LOL

Finally Birthday cake is here....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIAL...

May all your wish come true and you'll be bless and be a good son :)

A messy bitrhday boy...Danial, hopefully you'll be able to see this pic when you grow up..

Aiman and his cousin...

A few pics at the Carnival..I cannot take many pic as I had to carry Afiq who was sleeping all the way when we were there and hubby was busy supervised Danial and Aiman playing there.

Daddy's boy...

I found this video over at youtube..may be it is a good way to look around without spending RM 28 to actually go in there :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day and Night Trip with the 2 elder heroes

Today is friday, which is the only day that i have for my off day. i decided to do a day and night trip with the elder heroes a.k.a. Aiman and Danial (sory my cutie Afiq, bak will bring u along when you are older).

Where did i decide to go..... well it seems that i have chosen Queensbay Mall partly because i wanted to bring my kids to the cinema to watch the latest movie. Kungfu Panda and THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Mmmm, actually i wanted to see the movies also, hehe.

The day started after i had made them breakfast...not much of a breakfast really as i only manage to goreng them a burger each and scrambled eggs. I had a leftover of the Murtabak Johor which is about 3 weeks old but it is still edible due to it being frozen solid inside the freezer (sorry farah, we'll get u the murtabak the next time we go back to JayBee). Then after sending Afiq to Mak teh's house we were on our way. The traffic was smooth all the way to QB. We reached there at about 10.45 am. I bought the tickets for both the shows. Kungfu Panda at 1145am and Hulk at 445 pm. I let Danial and Aiman run around the place with me following them. They decide to go to the arcade near the Cineplex, where they don't even know how to play.

After that, we made our way to the cineplex to watch the 1st movie. The movie was made by Dreamworks which also made other movies such as Shrek and Madagascar. It is okay, not great but okay. Aiman enjoyed the cinema but Danial doesn't seem to share the enthusiasm. I guess he hasn't reached that level yet as he keeps going on talking all the time. We later had our lunch at Secret Recipe and both of them had Fish and Chips. it is one of Aiman's fav food.

we window shop after that looking for Danial bday present. I wanted to buy him an interactive laptop rather than just toys as it could help him in english and education in general. so i bought one in Jusco. it is not exactly a laptop but more like a desktop. Aiman was heckling me to buy him computer games for him too, but i said no. (He wants a PSP!!!!) We then made a pitstop in Borders where i bought two graphic novels to complete my collection and then off we go again for our 2nd movie THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

I love movies that is adapted from comic books especially Marvel Comics. X-Men, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four,and not forgetting Iron Man. The Hulk is actually the sequel from the 1st one which came out in 2003. but the fellas from marvel said that it is actually a reboot from the 1st movie and technically not a sequel. Let's just move on before i complicate things.... Aiman had a lot of drink prior to the movie and was holding his bladder from the final quarter of the movie. i told him not to drink too much as he had almost bursts his bladder by holding on too long during the last time when we watched Iron Man. Luckily he managed to hold on this time until the end of the movie. Oh ya, what about Danial? He slept through the movie as he did when we watched Iron Man at Midvalley.
After the movie we had some ice-cream at Baskins N Robins. Danial is a 'hantu' when it comes to ice-creams. He simply loves it. We took 3 scoops sundae and i think he ate a lot more than both of me and Aiman combined. I also bought them a pair of new shoes to play with thier football as i couldn't fine an appropriate football boots. Oh, plus 2 CD's of Ultraman Nexus and with it 2 GUTS aeroplane. Before we left for Baling, we stopped by the airport to meet with Farah. Thanks for the stuff Farah.

WOW!!!! What a day. It took a lot from me just to keep up with them. I wonder where they got such energy.... and as usual, i couldn't sleep if i'm too tired (which explains why i am posting these blog at 2 am).

As a conclusion........



CD'S RM 50


Monday, June 9, 2008

Finally I'm able to get connected to internet here in my rented house...Yeay! Thanks to my beloved hubby who let me use his laptop which came with Windows I'm using the modem that I bought last month.(the one which cannot be used with Vista..remember?)So, where should I start? My study? My new life during weekdays? or my family which is 400km away? OK I'll start with my family of course. As you can see at the ticker above this post, Danial's birthday is approaching. Hubby and I have planned something like family gathering to celebrate his 4th birthday. Most probably we have to have it on Saturday even though his birthday is actually on this Thursday (You can guess why right?). Hopefully it will be done as planned. Last night before I went to the bus station, I cannot hold my tears when I kissed them while they were fast asleep...sayunyerrrr!!
About me being a student again..I guess nothing much to tell..just I'm a bit nervous knowing that only 11 students taking the same course as me...and the most important part is that my 1st semester exam will be in early November :P
OK I better open my book now..:)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

At home again..for the weekend

Hello guys...miss my blog and my dear blogging friends a lot..but what can I do??:( The area where I live in KL is not a good 3G I'm very disappointed not only because I didn't manage to log in to my blog but because I cannot chat with my hubby through Yahoo Messanger and view my kids through webcam too. I hope I will find a way to get connected soon...
Well, I'm now in my hometown again...hehehhehehhee. Actually after registration ,briefing and etc. the coordinator of my program told us that we were given 2 days leave until this weekend and will start back on Monday! Yeah..I went back to my rented appatment, pack a few things and headed to the bus station...hhehehehhee and here I am..back home to be with my kids. I planned to go for a picnic tomorrow with I'm thinking where should I go?? Ok will update later about it. Last night when I arrived at the bus station, hubby,Aiman and Danial were waiting for me...huh I should take a pic of Danial who run towards me...from their eyes I know that they missed me so much but you know kids...they will only ask where you are, why you are not around,..things like that. I wish I could make them understand that I have to do this for their future and their happiness in the future and I have no choice. I guess I need to concentrate on a quality time with them not the quatity anymore :) (at least for the next few years)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Thomas and Aiman's friend :)

Aiman and Danial were busy playing with their friends today in their room...and they spent almost 2 hours playing with Thomas the Train.....I hope they will not feeling sad when I left tonight...whatever it is I bought the ticket for me to come home next weekend already..LOL.