Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Afiq's Red Little Bike... and Happy Anniversary!!

Today is Our 8th Anniversary!!
Happy anniversary dear.. I missed you here and the kids too.
Well, today afiq got his first little red bike. The reason for the RED color. Coz, i'm a red scouser. These past few weeks afiq has been playing with his elder brothers old worn out bike. He likes to play outside the house every morning. He still can't cycle and mainly due to the bike has no seat!! hehe.

Afiq with part of the bike

Danial with Afiq. 2 good looking kids i might say.

Later today, while i was waiting for the patient to come to my clinic. I decided to go and buy Afiq's first Tricycle. It's a simple tricycle with a bee as the horn. How cute..

View from the front. Notice the yellow bee?

View from the side

I told my wife that i had bought Afiq a tricycle. She felt a little bit upset coz she felt that she is missing a moment in Afiq's life. She also said that she felt unimportant. I told her that she is always important to us. Its just the circumstances now that she had to be away for her studies. And she wouldn't miss a thing, coz i'll always make them feel as if she was here.
Afiq was ecstatic when i brought back the bike after i have finished my clinic. He would sit on the bike but was making a car sound. LOL. He also doesn't know where to place his hands. He puts his hand on the side mirror, and not on the handle. He he. Danial was also excited and tried to sit on the bike himself if not for my intervention.

Afiq trying on the Tricycle

The hands on the mirrors. LOL

Afiq on the bike making a car sounds. He he.

Afiq posing with his brand new bike.

Once he gets use to the bike, i'm sure in no time i'll be screaming my lungs out as he certainly will take out everything that is on his way. and not forgotting his mother too. LOL...