Monday, August 25, 2008

There goes another weekend..

It's 4am, I just arrived at my rented house, very tired and sleepy but I need to be awake because I have to sit for a statistics test in the next few days...kena study! Usually I'll sleep after this 6 hours journey (by bus..argh,my neck is so painful :( ) and wake up at 6.30 or 7am for my class at 8.30 am. About my weekend, of course I had a great time with them. I actually brought along the camera to upload some photos about my hubby's bday treat and etc. but I forgot to bring the cable! LOL..anyway, I actually bought a cake and cooked some 'lontong' for them. I did gave my hubby his bday present a G Shock watch...and guess what he said," I've waited 30 years to have a G Shock" hahahahahhahhaha...kesian. So now one of ur wishes come true ya baby :)
Aiman, as usual very occupied with his TV programmes, Danial is active as usually. Oh he did cut his own hair on the middle of his it is like 'half bald' right on the middle.LOL...Afiq, my cute little boy, very active now..not gaining much weight despite good appetite. He can now stand with support and cruises, he also follows some of the instructions like when you ask him to clap his hands..he will do it and he also understand 'NO'.. :)
OK have to start study now...wish me luck for the test :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My hubby's birthday!

Today is my hubby's birthday..he turns 30 today!! He has been a great hubby to me and a wonderful dad to my kids and will always do. To my dear hubby a very Happy Birthday and may all your wish come true. Although we can't celebrate it together today, I really hope that today will be one of the happiest day in his life. I will bring home his bday present this weekend. I didn't plan anything yet..may be just a special dinner at home with my small family :) Hope I can upload some photos about that dinner..I just hope but if the internet at my house is still not working nothing can be done :( OK have a nice day..