Saturday, December 29, 2007

I am Legend...

Today hubby brought Aiman and Danial to see a movie...Initially they planned to watch AVP 2 without knowing that it was rated 18SG..hehe,so the plan changed last minute (very last minute...while hubby wanted to buy the tickets and he was informed that the movie was rated 18SG).Pity to Aiman because he already prepared to see that movie (err did i tell you that he had seen the first AVP few times ? :) and of course it was at home DVD) So they watched I am Legend...The movie actually scared them so most of the time Bak (as they call my hubby)asked them to close their eyes.This was not the first time they watch a movie at the cinema..think already 4th time.Before this we went to see Spiderman 3,Transformers and Fantastic four...err can u see that all the movies we've seen at the cinema were about superheroes....?Aiman is really a big fan of Spiderman,everything that we wanted to buy for him must have spiderman including school bag,shoes and socks..and you know, the original merchandise cause me to fork out quite a big portion of my money...but to see him happy is priceless...

After the movie Bak treated them with dinner at Mc Donald....They were very happy when they came back at about 9pm and told me a lot about the movie and their trip to spend Bak's day off.I stayed at home with Afiq.The plan was initially to bring Afiq along but since Afiq is having slight blocked nose and he was fast asleep while everybody was ready to go out then I cancelled my plan to join them..(I felt a bit tired and sleepy also hehehe not enough sleep since I started the blog)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Aren't they care??

This morning i had a scan clinic (did scan for pregnant mothers).After i parked my car i walked towards the clinic,on the way i saw few men were sitting on their motorcycles and one man even sleep in his car while waiting for their wives to be checked.Do you think these men should have been in the clinic with their wives and got to know what had happened during check up?I think they should because pregnancy is the period when you need a lot of support from others especially your spouse.My experience,only few men accompany their wives during check up...others don't.Aren't they care about their wives?Sometimes it is difficult to manage a pregnant mother without involvement of her those men out there,don't forget to accompany you wives during check up,not only drop them at the clinic and leave :-)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Everybody love Afiq

26th December is the day to remember for my family (err...besides the Tsunami.)Today is Afiq's 1st day at the nursery.Everybody was (how could i leave my child whom i took care of every single day and night the past 3 month),hubby (he won't be able to see Afiq's face during lunch time unless he goes to the nursery),Danial (he cried when i put Afiq in the car and said "jangan bawak adik bang ngah"),Aiman (Although he didn't say anything,from his eyes i knew he will missed his little brother) and even Mak Cik Siti my helper also keep saying that our house will be quiet without Afiq,which i think it won't because Aiman and Danial will still there at home..Afiq... as if he knows that we are going to send him,he kept crying since 7am and he wanted us to pick him up..
I could not hold my tears when my hubby sent Afiq (I just waited in the car,not strong enough to send him myself).I wish I could be a stay at home mom.....

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia cont...

Saturday December 15th 2007....2nd day we were in PD..early in the morning both Aiman and Danial were busy asking us to bring them to swimming pool..They had a very fun time in the pool and refused to get out of the pool even after 3 hours there.They were not like most of the kids there who wore swimsuit...pakai short je..hahaha kesian,never mind we'll buy one next holiday :)

Later that evening we went to the beach...forgot to mention that my brother came with his family also to spent their weekend there.Aiman and Danial were very happy because my brother also has 3 heroes...all together we had 6 heroes to supervised that weekend (can you imagine?)

The third day in PD the same thing repeated,morning to the swimming pool later in the evening to the beach...quite a clean beach with white sand...

After 4 days in PD we headed south to Johor Bahru (my in-law's haouse) to spend raya haji there..we stayed 2 nights at M-suite hote in JB (just to finished off our entitlement holiday). The most interesting thing in JB was not celebrating Eidul Adha but...guess what??? I bought a new laptop...yeah!and a digital camera...emmm spending spree nampak.

Finally, after 10 days we were back to our home sweet home....with memorable experiences and loads of dirty clothes...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia....

We start our journey from Baling at around 5.30pm heading to Kuala Lumpur with our car boot full of bags and etc..(berat semacam je kereta tu!especially time mendaki bukit kat Grik) we stayed overnight at my sister- in- law's house in Selayang.We arrived at about 11pm and everybody were tired and sleepy. Fortunately, Afiq was alright along the journey maklumlah this was his first long journey...and the best part, he likes to sit in his new car seat! He better like it haa..i've spent rm700 for that.

Next morning at 10am we continued the journey to PD...and on the way there we did pit stop at Nilai 3...not pit stop actually, i already planned to go there..and it was way far from the highway (ingatkan dekat dengan tol Nilai tu je).I went there just for the sake of knowing where is Nilai 3 and also what it is like..not for shopping..where to put, my car boot full already.At least the next time people talking about Nilai 3 then i got some idea where is it..My advice for those who wanted to go to Nilai 3 and you have kids....don't bring them! hehe or else you will end up like me watching my kids played at the this pic.We had our lunch there.. as usual,my hubby and i did't like to try food at the 'not known medan selera or food court' we just had fast food,the safest way, think the only fast food at Nilai 3 kot,Marybrown...ghhghh.

By 2pm we already on the way to PD...Yeah!PD here we come...

We checked in at The Legend Water first impression was emm nice room but a bit small for quite a big family like us.I think it is more suitable for honeymooners

This is the water chalets...the high rise building there are the normal hotel rooms...Aiman asked me "mak,Tsunami tu apa??" when we entered the room!! Where the hell he got the idea of asking me that question at this point of time and at this place! You know what i answered him? "Tanya lain kali lah" hehehe...
The room has one king bed and one day bed..with green feature walls and throw cushions...ala ala Bali lah tu..One thing which i didn't like about the room was it's open style bathroom..when you entered the room you'll have to go through the bathroom first..and when you pull the blinds in the room you will see the was just separated by see through glass...

The balcony was nice but i never allowed my kids to play there unsupervised..dangerous ! especially danial who love to climb..

The balcony and the bed

Day bed with the boys..zzzzzz

Bathtub and the boys in action

That evening after we checked in there was a heavy rain,since we were all tired we took a nice 2 hours of sleep...emm macam tak nak bangun,but Afiq woke me up for his milk.At 6pm the rain stopped and we strolled along the beach beside the hotel..again i saw a lot of rubbish everywhere on the beach...disappointed with attitude of some people.

After 20minutes of walking everybody made noise,tak larat jalan lah,nak tengok swimming pool lah,laparlah and we decided to go out for dinner.We had ikan bakar,sotong goreng tepung...err the usual seafood menu.At 8.30 pm we already in the room and watched TV except my hubby who went to the gym...semangat! He actually on a diet programme to lose his weight.He came back from the gym at 10.30pm when we were all fast asleep.

Huh got to cont. later suddenly feels sleepy may be because i type too many 'sleepy' kot...hehe :)

Christmas decoration at the lobby, the way to the water chalets,chalets named after the ocean and nice trees planted along the pavement.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Where's my letter

I was busy packing things yesterday while my two kids were at the nursery.At around 3pm my friend sent me a message asking whether i got the interview letter (I applied for master program in UKM about 2 months ago) and she said that most of those who applied already called for interview..suddenly my heart i not qualified for even the interview. I grab my phone and called my hubby to tell him how frustrated i usual he comfort me saying that may the postmen didn't come today and will come tomorrow,but i knew that the postmen came already in the morning....after that i started to call all my friends who applied the same program..they also got the letter...argh..where's mine???At 4.30 pm i called my office asking them whether my letter was there and the clerk told me that there was a fax letter for me...when i asked her what was the letter about..she just said she didn't read the letter...huh,but she sent the letter already to my hubby's clinic..So again i call my hubby, and thank Allah the letter that i waited for was there..So i'll go for the interview on 7th of Jan 2008.Wish me luck :-)

Surat temuduga pengambilan sarjana perubatan masyarakat sesi 2008/2009...lega!

Aiman and danial came back from nursery at around 5.30 pm (my hubby took them back).Initially they watched TV peacefully.At 7pm i heard Danial sang the song of Ultraman Tiga (followed the one sang at the end of that series and of course we don't understand it because it was in japanese).Then Aiman yell at him to stop singing..he replied with a 'touch' at his brother's head and the quarrel began..and the cost of it???My Astro remote control.It broke into 4 pieces when danial smashed it to the floor...kesian remote tu...Danial is a bit hot tempered but he is very friendly.Aiman quite slow but not so easily mix with people...2 really different characters...So because of the incident,i told them no watching TV after dinner and go to bed right after dinner...both of them cried :-)
We had our dinner at one of the cafe in B aling...Aiman had chicken chop and me and danial shared fish and chips...and at around 10pm our was house was quiet,everybody went to sleep including Afiq (very easy to get him to sleep last night,just lied beside him)...

There goes the remote control

Dinner time....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Packing day..Danial and Aiman new hair look

Early in the morning today i sent both Aiman and Danial to the nursery,actually it's quite weird when Aiman just said 'yes' last night when i mention to him about sending him to nursery today,usually he will give tons of reason for not going there..may be he just feels bored watching the same repeating show in the TV (do you realised that they keep repeating the same show for a week especially in Astro Ceria??) same goes to the other cartoon channel in Astro.So at 8.30am today i sent them both.The reason why i have to send both is that i have to do the packing today as we are going back to KL tomorrow.I'm not sure wheather these things fit into our car boot or not....

The stroller.... The cradle...... and The bags.....

That's not include smaller things like the basket to put the food and water bottles,4 pair of shoes and Afiq's bag..emm i guess suggestion given by my friends is right,i have to start planning to buy MPV or minibus! I think another 2 years we have to get one...emm Mazda 5 is quite nice, tak pun Toyota Wish ke.I have to pack a lot of clothes for them as we are going to stay at the hotel for 6 days this time around.You know the rate of laundry service at the hotel right????I planned to have their clothes washed a day before raya haji at my in law's house in JB..that's about a week from now and you can figure out how many clothes a kid like Danial will change in one day :-)

Aiman and Danial have to carry their own bag that's why i packed their clothes in separate bag. Usually Aiman will give reasons not to carry his bag... tired,too heavy and etc.So Bak will carry it for him but this time no more reasons..Bak has to carry so many other things the stroller,cradle...and i can only carry this little boy Afiq.

Yesterday I brought Aiman and Danial to have their hair cut..we went to Kedai gunting Mamak actually.Aiman quite nervous because that was the first time we went there. Usually we go to a hair salon and a chinese lady cut his hair,but that salon was not open yesterday.Whenever the indian man put him on a piece of wood on the chair his face was red..i should take his picture at that time but i forgot..and i was busy reassuring him and also reassuring his brother Danial who seems like to burst into tears already...After that Aiman looked a bit relax.It was done in just 5 minutes.After that i tried to asked Danial next to get his hair cut...but he already cried..even after they gave him a sweet he still refused to get on the chair...poor Danial too scared to even look at that Indian man's face...Later that day his Bak brought him to a hair salon next to the clinic. Once he saw the chinese lady inside he immediately said "Yang ni bang ngah mau"... So last night they both showing off their new hair look..For your info this is the first time Danial has his hair cut...rambut macam bulu jagung tak panjang2 plak tu.

Danial at the hair salon

Aiman 'control' in front of camera

Monday, December 10, 2007

Grey hair!!

It is already 2 days i have not updated this blog...quite busy because my helper mak cik Siti didn't come on friday and sunday..Start from cleaning to cooking to feeding and putting them to sleep...i have to do it myself so by 10pm i'm already tired and heading straight to my bed and zzzzz.This morning i went to have my hair cut..and to my surprise the hair dresser found a lot of grey hair on my head! What??I'm only 30!What do you think the cause of my grey hair ha??Am i not paying much attention to my hair or Allah give me just to remind me that I'm already 30 and better do something worth..:-)
Start from now i have to watch my diet i think,because i read somewhere they said that grey hair sometimes due to not enough vitamins in your it right??Whatever it is thank god for giving me this or else i don't care about my diet..and think that i'm getting older

This is my grey hair...itu yang boleh cabut je yang tak boleh cabut (sebab pendek)banyak lagi!

Lately quite difficult to put Afiq to sleep at night...i have to carry him around the house about 15 minutes then another 15 minutes lying beside him..baru dia tidur...but he became more cute and adorable day by day,just like his 2 brothers aiman more plump because he eat and eat and eat while watching TV everyday and Danial more clever..he can draw a house with the windows and door and explain it to us...emm did i mention that after he explained, then we know that the thing he draw was a house?whatever it is...i love to see them growing and pick up new things everyday.

Afiq with his bottle

Plump Aiman

Danial Super hero


And their collection of Thomas the train...both of them will play this toys before they go to sleep.They started to like this train set about 6 month ago after they watch the cartoon series in the TV "Thomas and friends", since then every time we went shopping they will asked Bak to buy one set and usually Bak will overall they already have 5 different sets..Aiman who always change the position of each set and show his creativity..a good toy teaches my son to be creative...but need some investment :-) for me it is quite expensive....anyway good investment..

This coming Thursday we are going back to Johor Bahru (forgot to mention that my hubby is from JB) but before that a few pit stop,KL and PD... yeah..Port Dickson.To be frank my hubby and i never been to PD before so that's why we choose PD for our year end holiday for this year.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

photo hosting

photo hosting

Friday comes again

Friday....everyone in my family loves friday (esp. me!).The reasons?..For me,first it's my day off from work,second, my hubby is at home (also his off day)..meaning that i don't have to take care of my heroes alone! hehe.....Third,i got to try new recipes and the best part we always went shopping on friday!! However today we decided not to go anywhere because the last few fridays we've been travelling a lot. Last week we went to Penang,a week before that to Kangar,before that to Alor Setar and bla...bla..bla..The weather today is very nice though it is raining,cool and calm...emm nice to be in bed the whole day but don't dream! 6.30 am my cute little Afiq cries for his milk,then around 7 Aiman is awake and heading straight to the TV..minutes later Danial joint his brother then both complaint that they are hungry.How can i be in bed????But that's the life of a mom right?Otherwise you better be single...hahaha.So today i cook nasi lemak for them...a simple dish yet it can be eat for breakfast, lunch and also dinner..kan senang tu :)

This the scenery in front of my living room...cantik kan? nice to sit on my lazy chair and sip on my hot milo while enjoying this scenery.At one point my hubby and i feel like buying this land and the house tapi mana boleh kuarters kerajaan beb...

After having nasi lemak and loads of cartoon on TV Danial finally enjoying in his dream...lama juga about 2 hours,dapat la i relax for a moment.On his left is bantal Bak which Aiman and Danial always quarrel to get it first,sometimes i feels like throwing it away because it is the usual reason they quarrel before bed time...

And here is Bak...washing his 2nd wife..Friday is the only day he can do it...Kesian Bak working 6 days a week..from 8.30am to 7pm...Don't you think it is tiring? but he likes it compared to working in the hospital..don't ask me why....
It's raining all day till night...we had our nasi lemak,watching TV,play with the kids and just enjoy being at home with everyone in the family.