Thursday, January 31, 2008

Positive and negative

Friendly site award from Farah B..Thank you my dear friend..You always encourage me to go on blogging...and that means shortened my night sleep! I used to be very "allergic" to computers before..coz at that time I was quite envy to my hubby who always sit in front of his laptop....not blogging but playing games! Almost every night when I wake up at around midnight (I used to sleep very early at around 9pm with my kids) I saw hubby hooked up to his NEC Versa either being a town planner in"SIMS CITY 4" or a manager in "Championship Manager"..but Farah has changed me!!! I see a lot of positive things in this transformation...some of them are:

1. I'm more appreciate small -small things that happen in my family e.g when Afiq started to roll over, Danial first day at kindy, our family outings and etc., in which before this I didn't bother to snap a picture or record what had happened on that particular day.

2. I'm more computer literate! - I used to use the computer only for searching something educational and about medicine, prepare my presentation using power point and typing letters. Thats all...but now I'm proud to say that I can teach my staff on how you edit your picture using Adobe Photoshop! (of course my staff pun jenis yg tak tau apa like me before)...hahaaahhaah

3. My relatives (brother, sister,in-laws) call me more frequent - when they read something in the entry about my kids usually they will call..I just don't introduce my mother to blog yet...or else everyday she will call...heehehehe.

4. I got a new flying Blazing Red Vaio and his companion a lime green Cyber-shot DSC-T2 ! - if I'm not blogging then, I don't think hubby will buy these for me...unless I nag and nag him to buy lah :) Thank you babe..

5. I now have wireless streamyx at home...yeah..when I first started blogging I used a dial up connection...boleh tertidur kat depan laptop!

6. My hubby and I have more time to communicate to each other - before this I slept at 9pm but now I can stay up blogging and the same time accompany him while he plays his computer game.

But it also comes with a few negative things :( like :

1. My electricity bill escalated from RM 90 plus to RM120 and plus another bill came in...Streamyx!

2. I have to cut up my sleeping time...hua hua...the bills I can pay but tido....arkgh very difficult to negotiate...

Well I guess everybody will say ...keep on blogging! Only hubby will tell me ..."I think you should limit your time for blogging let say from 10 pm to 12pm only"..Muahahahaha Baik Tuan !

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Today I had quite a busy clinic...I saw 35 patients in 4 hours (kira busy la tu for a rural clinic like where I'm working right now).Most of them are suffering from Diabetis and Hypertension. Talking about you know that numbers of Malaysian suffered from Diabetes are increasing.? If I'm not mistaken 8% in 1996 and came up 12% in 2006 (National Health and Morbidity Survey a.k.a NHMS). Even for me breaking bad news (which is telling patients that they are diagnosed with chronic diseases ) is a regular thing to do at everyday clinic. I strongly believe in prevention, however there are condition that you may get the disease no matter how you try to prevent lies in your gene (inherited disorder) but that is a very small portion of it. The get it from your food, lifestyle and guys watch out. For me Diabetes is a silent killer.You may get stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, blindness and the list go on and on..
and the treatment for those complications are very more thing I would like to share here is that more than 50% of those who underwent haemodialysis in Malaysia are Diabetics ! So watch out what you eat, exercise, lose that extra kilos, stop smoking and live a healthy lifestyle..good luck !

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Afiq starting to roll over ??.....

Our cute little Afiq

Today is Saturday meaning that I'm at home taking care of my three helper is not around today (bos bagi cuti..hehehhe). Afiq is now 4 months plus..apart from having good head control...he also started to roll over..and today I managed to get pictures of him trying to flip over from his back to his tummy..very difficult task from what I can see...

Yeah he is starting now....

Well I'm already rolled 90 degrees..

Arghh...almost there...come on..come can do it..AFIQ! AFIQ! AFIQ!

Ahhhhhh.......finally I got there...Thank you for your support Mak!

Hi Mak...I'm started to fell tired, my tummy hurts...urkh...

Mak ! I can't me....

Then I come to the rescue...he managed to be in that position for about 1 minute...yes,well done can try it again, don't worry.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Cream Puff

My family favourite cream puff

This entry is specially dedicated to the celebrity chef...Chef Norzailina..a.k.a kak Norz....

My family love cream puff especially my hubby...about 2 month ago was my first attempted to make a cream puff. I followed every detail instruction written in a cookbook,however it turned out very bad...I can't even put the dough in a piping bag (coz it didn't turned out to be a dough actually...the mixture became a liquid!!).I didn't know what was wrong at that time...and I guess it might be due to my weighing scale which given me incorrect amount of flour to be put inside the about 150gm of flour,4 eggs,and 70gm or butter were gone..

My second attempted was 2 weeks later...(because i am the kind of person who never give up) ...I followed a recipe from another cookbook but with more or less the same amount of ingredients.. Again it disappointed me (and of course my hubby too who eagerly waited to look at the final result), it turned out to be a liquid mixture that juncture...I thought there must be something wrong with the cooking steps not the ingredients...but I don't know which step...

Luckily I found Kak Norz blog...and I asked her for the recipe...She described a lengthy tips on how to make a cream puff in one of her n3 last year...and guess what? I found where I was wrong during my 1st and 2nd attempt...Both cookbook said that heat the butter until it melts...and then add the flour in and later add water and egg....but in Kak Norz explanation...the butter should be melt in water until it boils...then add the flour later add the eggs....Yeah Kak Norz you are the best!!!!! I take this opportunity to thank Chef Norz for her guys enjoy my cream puff.....kalau nak rasa datang lah rumah...hehehehehh again kak norz...Thank you!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Viral meningoencephalitis

Intensive Care Unit or better known as ICU is a ward where everybody doesn't like to be admitted...but who likes to be admitted to any ward anyway.. if you have to choose...then, I guess ICU will be your last choice right?I was there one of the private hospital in Penang...My staff 's hubby was admitted there due to viral meningoencephalitis. It is an acute inflammation of the brain and the meninges (meninges is a system of membrane which envelope the central nervous system) due to viral infection. He used to be a healthy man in his late 30's.However a week ago he had a high grade fever and started being delirious and after 5 days of fever despite on a strong dose of antibiotics (for your info viral fever does not respond to antibiotic treatment anyway..that was the reason why his fever still shooting up despite the antibiotics)..he collapsed,self-paralysed (err..lay man term Coma kot) and need a ventilator to support his pity to him.I could not even imagine what would it be if I were in his wife's shoes..(most probably I'll need a ventilator too..:) )How do you feel when your healthy spouse whom you dependent on suddenly collapse and you have to take care of him/her while he/she is being managed in ICU? That is what happened to my staff..She has 3 children and the youngest is 10 year old. One thing that I noticed during my visit yesterday, she is a very strong lady and accept the fact that her hubby may not ever be awake again. She kept smiling but deep in her eyes I could see the sadness..On they way back from the hospital I kept thinking of her and how would I cope with such a great test given by Allah if it happens to me...I 'm afraid that I'm not as strong as her..Whatever it is I hope a miracle will happens and he will wake up again..To Kak Siti...I hope Allah will give her strength to face the situation...Amin.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Faces of Afiq

My cute little Afiq

Sleep Danial sleep......

Everynight my 3 heroes sleep early at around 8.30pm (except for weekend..they (Aiman and Danial) are allowed to sleep late). It is quite a tough task to put them to sleep..they need me or my hubby to read a storybook or sometimes I just tell them a story (whatever story...from animal story to toys story and sometimes I just tell them what I saw while I was driving that day).After the story telling session ended they want us to lie down beside them...and after about 5 minutes, then they fall asleep.However, tonight hubby tried his best to put them to sleep but Danial is still force his eyes to open...Finally hubby give up..Danial joint us watching TV... We kept saying that we don't like him to behave like that...and tomorrow he will follow his Tok Wan back to Tok Wan's house (my parents came to our house 2 days ago and will go back to their house tomorrow). He started making face like you see in the pic....unsatisfied..tired and sleepy face.
Danial you better wake up easily tomorrow...coz mummy is going to have a very busy clinic tomorrow and need to go early to work.

p.s :Farah do you recognise that pyjamas?Hehehee...he still fit in at the age of 4!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

You cheer me up 1st blogging award...You Cheer Me Up Award came from Farah...thanks buddy.I didn't
realised when I cheer you up coz most of the time I feel like I put a burden on
you with my 'so technical' questions...thanks again..
Have you ever feel like satisfaction when you make somebody laugh or smile or at least satisfy...I remember an incident which happened about 5 years ago.I was attending to an emergency case with my senior colleague in a ward (a patient suddenly collapsed).Everybody was busy doing their job..doctors trying to intubate him(put breathing tube through the mouth straight to the trachea),nurses were busy putting all sorts of monitoring devices to the patient (blood pressure monitoring,cardiac monitoring..and etc.), hospital attendant are ready to send some blood to
the lab for investigations...and one thing we forgot at that time was to explain to his relatives what was happened to him although they were beside
him before he collapsed.The relatives tried to came near to the bed but was not allowed by the nurses...they were very upset and I heard one of them said that they will complaint the thing to the
hospital director...Upon hearing that I quickly went to see them..I told them what had happened and what we were trying to do to save his life...Immediately I could see their faces changed from angry,tension and unsatisfied to relief and thankful..I felt so happy that day even though that patient passed away...I did my job to make his relatives satisfied.(sometimes when we are in that situation which is life and death...we tend to forget the the feelings of those who wait behind the curtain)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I was tagged by Farah B in December 07...but since I am quite bz at that time and I found out that she tagged me again yesterday this time with another set of questions....then I think I have to settle it quickly...

There you go......

1. What cartoon character would you like to be? spongebob..coz my kids love it.

2. If you have the chance, what would you probably say to your beloved one? you are kongsi-kongsi :)

3. If you were to be stranded on a desert island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take with you? of course Farah and her sister...They are the one who introduce me to all of this..

4.Where is the place that you want to go the most? Burj Al Arab Dubai...but who is going to invite me?anybody? are welcome

5.If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be? My hubby,me and my kids going for holiday all over the world,all year round...don't have to nice!

6.Till now, what is the moment that you regret the most? I said yes when my boss appointed me as Management Representative (MR) for ISO 9001:2000 certification...pening kepala! Too many works to do...

7.What are you afraid to lose the most? My family of course!

8.If you win $1 million, what would you do? Like what Tan Sri Mokhtar Al Bukhary mom's said..50% of what you earn you should give it for charity...who knows one day I'll be like him...Millionaire tuh...

9.If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her? Or would you keep it to yourself and observe from afar? I keep it to myself...until he confess to me...otherwise, why should I love somebody who actually does not love me and not brave enough to admit it... right?

10.List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you. Farah B: Introduce me to many expensive things...hahahaa, speaks her mind, friendly.

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half? Be more patient and think,think and think before voice out your heart.

12.Which type of person do you hate the most? Bad drivers....and of course all the bad person...rapist, thief and etc.

13.What is your ambition? To be a supermom who can balance out between carrier,family and social life ( I want to achieve the best in my carrier,live with super wonderful family and still have time for myself...yes!)

14.What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad? He/She left me with bad impression!

15.Christmas is coming, who do you like to celebrate with? I don't celebrate Christmas but I share the festive mood of course with my family (next year lah)

16.If you could do one thing different in life, what would it be? be an Interior designer..

17.Are you a shopaholic or no? Yes...but depends on my wallet.

18. Which actress or actors you would like to be? I don't like being an actress...but I like Sandra Bullock

19.It would be 2008 in a few days, do you have a new year’s resolution? We are in the new year already...and every year I don't have any specific resolution...just hope that it is going to be a better year for me and my family.

20.Do you have any plans for tomorrow? Yeah..tomorrow I got a presentation to be done during a meeting with state director....something about Perinatal mortality.

OK I've settled one....
there goes another one The love and hate tag

1. I love to eat: Hot and spicy food...Asam pedas Ikan pari/ayam..Johor style...ukh...suddenly feels hungry....

2. I hate to eat: Yes, me too Farah....Chinese food (especially the boiled and steamed ones) plus something with corn flour added(that makes the soup thicker...)

3. I love to go: holiday....yea..yea...anywhere lah...janji holiday.

4. I hate to go:shopping in a place where a lot of people especially before festive time...

5. I love it when: my hubby praise me...syok nye :)

6. I hate it when: people said "kesian you ada 3 boys"...for me they are my everything...and i don't need anybody to feel sorry for me :)

7. I love to see: faces of my kids

8. I hate to see: when people throw the rubbish everywhere...mcm nak pi ambik sampah tu and baling kat dia balik

9. I love to hear: my kids voice...especially when Afiq adorable.

10. I hate to hear: Rap music...cannot understand..too fast.

Yea...yea... I've settled both in one go....quite difficult huh....

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Akademi Fantasia

Akademi Fantasia...I guess all Malaysian know about this reality show.According to Wikipedia" Akademi Fantasia or simply known as AF is Malaysia's first reality show, which brought big changes to the Malaysian entertainment scene in the year 2003, when the first season of the show aired by Astro Ria."Most of my friends and family like this show but for me and hubby it is a big NO..NO!Personally I think this reality show (plus all "singing" reality show) will just encourage our youngsters to think that being a singer is the best ever things in life they could do...and if you are just the one among those whom sending the vote through are really wasting your money...what do you get??May be some says ,Satisfaction..I didn't say that I don't like singing or our entertainment industry, in fact I enjoy listening to music..but why the reality show left us with such a big impact...i heard that some even spent RM50 every week just for sms vote! The latest thing that suddenly triggered me to post this entry was about a 44 year old pub singer who also tried her luck in this reality show...I don't know what to say but at least I can tolerate when the youngsters do but this one...errr...I also heard that there's a person who went for the audition would give up his job as a government servant if he is selected to be one of the you think this is wise decision???I let it to you to think of....that's for today.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Have you ever play an indoor games called Saidina or Monopoly?I've never play that game until today...hubby is the one who bought the set and he thought us how to play the game...I like the fact that the game could teach you how to acquire wealth through economic activity like buying,rental and trading of properties using play money.Monopoly is actually a board game published by Parker Brothers and it was initially patented by Charles Darrow in 1935.It is the most played commercial board game in the world in which approx.750 million people have played the game...So today we tried our luck in this game.Aiman was very happy when we started to play,Danial as usual..he just like to roll the the end,of course hubby won the game after about 3 hours of playing...

Afiq just looked at us while we played and he loves to play his Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Kick and Craw Aquarium...

Guess I got my new mobile phone...yeah a Nokia 6500 slide...which I ordered about a month ago...Hubby is the one who got it for me...Thank you..Think that's all for today,I got to go and check out my new friend "Nokia 6500 slide".

Thursday, January 10, 2008

When Afiq talk

So cute...I was holding him and and suddenly he started to say something...I guess he was trying to tell me that "mummy,it's enough with your laptop and your blog,I am hungry"...huh clever boy...he knew that I spent too much time with my laptop..errr new laptop.If it's like that then I should cut off some of the time spent with my red vaio...Sorry Afiq,mummy is just trying her best at some other stuff (IT) besides medicine...can you see the laptop is still on when Afiq is on my lap??Mummy is obsessed with her new discoveries

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mummy is away

I went to Kuala Lumpur for an interview on 6th January 2008 with my friend.We took a flight from Penang International Airport at 12.10pm and arrived at KLIA at about an hour later.We then boarded into ERL Transit to Bandar Tasik Selatan Station before continued the journey by LRT to PWTC Station.Sometimes it is nice to walk away from your daily routines,but to be frank i miss my kids a lot even though i left them for a night...I checked in to The Legend Hotel at about 4pm and later that evening my friend and i were busy checking out the latest shopping heaven in town :) We went to The Gardens at Midvelley,The Curve in Damansara and not forgotten The Mall.Do you believe that i didn't buy anything during our search?Believe it. It didn't mean that nothing caught my attention but it was due to the small overnight bag that i brought along..(tak muat!!). The next day was my interview day and i was so nervous before the interview because i was the first candidate in the list!Luckily it went on smoothly..about 15 minutes it was over (kejap saja tapi debar nya berhari-hari).I also met few of my friends whom I didn't meet for few years.After 2 days away from home I took 5pm flight back to Penang before my office driver fetched me from the airport.I arrived home at 9pm that day and relief to see my kids back in front of my eyes.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A night in Penang

Last Friday we went to Penang to attend my friend's son birthday celebration.We checked in to a nice hotel in Penang (g hotel) just beside gurney plaza (a shopping heaven for me..Hahaha). The hotel executive deluxe room was situated at the 15th floor. I personally like the room interior decoration which i think based on modern contemporary theme...they also provide a 24 hour executive lounge where you can have snacks and drinks while relaxing and watching your favourite show on their plasma TV..apart from that it offers a great view of gurney drive and the sea...After checked in we went to Gurney Plaza! Yeah i love it...though i didn't plan to buy anything, window shopping is good enough :) By 5 pm we were all on the bed, exhausted! After i bathed Afiq i put him to sleep ( and also his two brothers)...Suddenly at around 6pm he cried and when i checked i found out his stomach full of wind,no wonder he cried.Poor boy...most probably because i didn't feed him with warm milk after took him for bath and aggravated by cool air in the room. Luckily after a massage with a miracle oil (minyak Telon) he smiled again..Cute boy.

At 8.30 were at the birthday party which was held at KFC Larut Road Penang..It was a nice party after a good preparation..Later that night hubby went alone to see a movie AVP 2 and i spent an hour to chit chat with my friend whom also stayed at the hotel.

Nice room...but if I were to have a bedroom of myself, I would love to have a country french decoration..hahaha dreaming