Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hello..I'm back for few weeks..

Yeah..I've finished my masters programme and Alhamdulillah everything went on great (I passed my exam! I passed my exam! hehehheee) except for being apart from my family. However, in order for me to be qualified as a public health specialist I need to continue for my PhD or so called DrPH...and that will take another 3 yrs!! Hubby was a bit reluctant to let me be in KL for another 1 and a half yrs (yes..I need to do coursework + research) ...but I guess he finally accepted the fact that I hv to do that for our future...hang on ya dear!

The man who always support me :)

So, how's my holiday? Basically I spend my time with my kids and hubby at, sorting out all sort of things in kid's room :) and spending time chatting with my neighbours and here...surfing the Internet!

Here is where I spend my time... a big bungalow.. tapi rumah kerajaan :(

Another view..

Sometimes it is nice being a fulltime housewive I guess..but I think I cannot live with it forever...hehehehe I don't know why but may be it is just not suitable for me. The kids as usual they like it when I'm at home but still sometimes I need to yell at them especially when it comes to asking them to take their bath in the evening...susah betul nak mandi bila dh melekat kat depan TV or bila tgh syok main bola..huh!

Afiq is now 1 yr 8 months old..but has not yet get his booster dose of Tritantrix....hehhehee ok ok I promise to bring him to clinic for a jab coming Sunday ;)
Look how cheeky this boy is... active as usual but less tantrum than before..he is good in playing football even better than Aiman...hehheheee. I noticed that Danial doesn't like eating rice...he prefer eating bread, biscuits and peanut butter! That's why his weight is now just 15kg :( So different from Aiman who looooove rice! Breakfast, lunch, dinner all he want is rice. My helper told me that Aiman even asked him to cook fried rice for tea! LOL! No wonder his weight is about 30kg now. Aiman is going to sit for mid term exam next week...I think everybody's kids in primary school rite? So all the best for them! Bak already set the benchmark...hahahhaaa sian ko Aiman.

My handsome active boy...Danial

Wajah anak sulung ku..

I actually planning for some 'makan2' at home next week...may be 'makan2' for any suggestions for the menu?hehhehee hubby said no need to cook, we just order from caterer and he doesn't want me to feel very tired because next Thursday we are going to PD. Yeah..but being me, I don't feel very comfortable when entertaining guest without me actually cook the dishes...don't know why..may be because I love to cook :) tak kira la sedap ke tak...hahhahhaaa

Love this pic..walaupun gelap :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Mak

Happy Birthday Honey...
It is unfortunate that the special day falls during your exams. But I hope it brings good luck with it too.
Your kids have made these especially for you. Enjoy sayang....

(erkkk... sorry for the senget video, still dont know bout this IT stuff)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Afiq's Red Little Bike... and Happy Anniversary!!

Today is Our 8th Anniversary!!
Happy anniversary dear.. I missed you here and the kids too.
Well, today afiq got his first little red bike. The reason for the RED color. Coz, i'm a red scouser. These past few weeks afiq has been playing with his elder brothers old worn out bike. He likes to play outside the house every morning. He still can't cycle and mainly due to the bike has no seat!! hehe.

Afiq with part of the bike

Danial with Afiq. 2 good looking kids i might say.

Later today, while i was waiting for the patient to come to my clinic. I decided to go and buy Afiq's first Tricycle. It's a simple tricycle with a bee as the horn. How cute..

View from the front. Notice the yellow bee?

View from the side

I told my wife that i had bought Afiq a tricycle. She felt a little bit upset coz she felt that she is missing a moment in Afiq's life. She also said that she felt unimportant. I told her that she is always important to us. Its just the circumstances now that she had to be away for her studies. And she wouldn't miss a thing, coz i'll always make them feel as if she was here.
Afiq was ecstatic when i brought back the bike after i have finished my clinic. He would sit on the bike but was making a car sound. LOL. He also doesn't know where to place his hands. He puts his hand on the side mirror, and not on the handle. He he. Danial was also excited and tried to sit on the bike himself if not for my intervention.

Afiq trying on the Tricycle

The hands on the mirrors. LOL

Afiq on the bike making a car sounds. He he.

Afiq posing with his brand new bike.

Once he gets use to the bike, i'm sure in no time i'll be screaming my lungs out as he certainly will take out everything that is on his way. and not forgotting his mother too. LOL...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How Do I Live.....

At this point, my wife Natrah is struggling in her pursuit of her Masters in HUKM. She previously had asked me to contribute to this blog. I did not promise that i would do it but rather promised that I'll try and do it.

This blog is her pride and joy. As much as her children are to her. She was coerced into or should i say sweet talked into become a blogger by her dear friend Farah in Penang. She officially started blogging in December 2007. Initially we didn't have a broadband internet connection in our house, but after a painful hours spending waiting for the internet to download via the dialup connection we decided to have the streamyx line plugged in. She was very happy as now she can surf and blog without being plugged in as we had put in the wireless router also. She can blog on the bed, while watching tv and sometimes while cooking.

I could say that she is quite obsessed with blogging at that time coz sometimes she would spend time staying up until wee hours in the morning, sometimes until 3 a.m. Which is quite unusual for her. Even when she came back from work in the afternoon, the first thing she would reach for after eating lunch is her laptop. She started blogging while using this old horse the NEC Versa which we bought from Carrefour. Because she was so enthusiastic in blogging, i decided to buy her a brand new Sony Vaio plus a Sony Cybershot Digital Camera. She blogged about it in this entry.

She would blog almost everyday and the thing that got her hooked is that she was able to learn new things like how to do a header using photoshop and other add on stuff. She likes to browse or blogwalking to other bloggers blogs. From there she made quite a number of friends. She would blogwalking to all sorts of blogs and leave messages. She was excited to be able to meet new people and share their interest.

But as they say, all things can't stay the same forever. She applied for Masters in Public Health from UKM. Obviously, she was accepted in the Masters application. She started her study in July 2008 and her masters programme would finish in 4 years time. She was divided at that time whether to further her studies or stay on as Medical and Health Officer in Baling.

By my encouragement, she decided to further her studies. Being a student, and a long distance mother and wife was quite hard for her. The travelling sometimes took a toll on her health. This past 1 year she had numerous occasion of URTI or simple cold. Well, i could also say that it had also affected me in a way.

My responsibilty had increase by being the single father during the weekdays. No more extra time for myself sometimes, my eating habits was also affected too. Sometimes i couldn't careless for my food, as i would prefer to concentrate more in my children's food. I was feeling pretty tired most of the time. My sleep pattern was haywired. I would sleep early with afiq. And then woke up in odd hours. By then it is difficult to sleep again. The most difficult part is the feeling of being lonely. You can say that i have my kids for company, but it's different. Its not the same of having her around the house. I did not tell this to her as i don't want her to feel burdened by this. She has enough on her mind with her studies and all. I thought that it could be more okay after i had adjusted to it. But it seems with the days passing, it wasn't.

I tried to keep myself busy at times. Just to ignore the loneliness. I bought a new laptop, a Dell Studio. I tried to play games (pc games) which i had enjoyed previously, but its just wasnt the same. I tried exercising at night. Its just wasn't the same. Getting hooked to Ebay doesn't work too.

Aiman too felt that i had been different at times. He even commented that I don't eat a lot nowadays. Sometimes he even scold me for not eating. I try to accompany them during dinner as this would make them eat more. Aiman is also i could say a 'schoolaholic' he likes school so much that he even wants to be the first one reaches school. But... when he reaches home, he just forgets everything from school. All he wants is just relaxing and watch tv.

Aiman with the long face... Late to school. Hehe

As for Danial, i think he misses her mum the most out of the 3 despite him being the one who gets scolded more often than everyone. He would point out the things that he would do like able to ride a bicycle with 2 tyres or even able to read and write and complained that mak is not around to see him do that. He also questions why other kids mother is there with them (he only knows our neighbour mother who is not working). There is one time that he cried when all of us sent mak to the airport. He said "Abang ngah tak syok mak tak ada".

Danial with his usual grin

The boys chilling out in the water

Afiq, he doesn't know much. But when my wife comes back during weekends, he would cling to his mother most of the time. And when the next morning when he wakes up, he would call out for her. He also likes to see his mak's pictures. He even confuses himself with 'mak' and 'bak'. Out of the 3, afiq seems to know how to 'pujuk' me when i'm angry or upset he would call out to me and make animal sounds that he likes to make a cat or a goat sound.

Afiq in KLCC Playground

Oh how I wish i could turn back the clock to the time when everything was simple. And do things differently or even feel things differently. But i can't. So many things had happened during this past 9 months and even so in the past 2 months. I am trying my best. But i don't know if that is good enough. I sometimes questions my own ability and ownself. Am i good enough to face this, am i strong enough, did i do things right, or did i do things wrong. Am i bringing them up the right way or not. All i can do is pray and hope.

By Deejay (Natrah's hubbby)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Aiman

Aiman turns 7 yesterday. We had a small bday party for him but I'm too tired to update about it even today! Hehehehhee...Anyway, to Aiman..may Allah bless you and you'll grow up to a good boy and happy always :) Lot of love from Mak

Monday, February 9, 2009

weekend getaway..

We decided to finish up our vacation entitlement for the year 2007 in Cameron Highland, Pahang. The last time I went to Cameron Highland was about 20 years ago! I could not even recall what is was like. Therefore, on Thursday afternoon (after Aiman came back from school), we left to Cameron Highland. We arrived at about 6.30pm, it was drizzling at that time and it was so cold. Although the temperature showed 17 degrees celcius, I felt like it was a freezing temperature! We stayed at Strawberry Park Resort. Since it was an old resort, so I didn't expect too much from it...but hubby said if we come again to Cameron Highland, Strawberry Park Resort definitely not our choice :p It was situated in a bit secluded area, nice for honeymooners I guess ;) and the surroundings were nice and calm.

The lobby entrance


We didn't do much shopping actually..I just bought few cactuses, roses, strawberries and sweet potatos and sweet corn (yes, they are really sweet!) but the 2 days spent there were nice and relaxing..

We came back on Saturday afternoon and later that day we had guest from Amsterdam! Actually they were on their holiday in Cameron Highland when we met them. To cut the story short, hubby invited them to our house to get the medicine since their son had an ear infection. Their son was so excited playing with my kids and didn't want to leave our house..LOL..I guess another reason they came to our house was to enjoy the countryside scenery here..after they had their tea, they left to Penang for another few days before they go back to Amsterdam. To Carlinda and Raymond..nice meeting you :)

So, now the weekend getaway is over, I have to concentrate to my assignments! At least I have a free and peaceful mind to start back the student life ;) Ops! btw, Aiman's birthday is just around the corner and we had planned a small bday party for him this coming Thursday..ok got to go...Afiq is crying!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The start of my break...

Today is the first day of my mid semester holiday at home. I'm a bit tired coz last nite I had a late night, accompanied hubby watching the game, finished up a bit of my assignments and watched DVD ;)
Yesterday I drove back from KL alone, yes believe me..that was my 2nd time driving alone for such a long distance journey...luckily nothing serious happened :) and guess what, hubby started to worry because I might driving back every weekend!LOL..
Everybody at home are fine which is a good news because we had planned for a short weekend break somewhere this coming weekend.
The weather over here is quite hot and windy..perfect weather to play kites! but today I planned to play badminton with my kids. Cooking is another agenda during my holiday..and it starts with doughnuts! OK got to go...c ya ;)