Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hello..I'm back for few weeks..

Yeah..I've finished my masters programme and Alhamdulillah everything went on great (I passed my exam! I passed my exam! hehehheee) except for being apart from my family. However, in order for me to be qualified as a public health specialist I need to continue for my PhD or so called DrPH...and that will take another 3 yrs!! Hubby was a bit reluctant to let me be in KL for another 1 and a half yrs (yes..I need to do coursework + research) ...but I guess he finally accepted the fact that I hv to do that for our future...hang on ya dear!

The man who always support me :)

So, how's my holiday? Basically I spend my time with my kids and hubby at, sorting out all sort of things in kid's room :) and spending time chatting with my neighbours and here...surfing the Internet!

Here is where I spend my time... a big bungalow.. tapi rumah kerajaan :(

Another view..

Sometimes it is nice being a fulltime housewive I guess..but I think I cannot live with it forever...hehehehe I don't know why but may be it is just not suitable for me. The kids as usual they like it when I'm at home but still sometimes I need to yell at them especially when it comes to asking them to take their bath in the evening...susah betul nak mandi bila dh melekat kat depan TV or bila tgh syok main bola..huh!

Afiq is now 1 yr 8 months old..but has not yet get his booster dose of Tritantrix....hehhehee ok ok I promise to bring him to clinic for a jab coming Sunday ;)
Look how cheeky this boy is... active as usual but less tantrum than before..he is good in playing football even better than Aiman...hehheheee. I noticed that Danial doesn't like eating rice...he prefer eating bread, biscuits and peanut butter! That's why his weight is now just 15kg :( So different from Aiman who looooove rice! Breakfast, lunch, dinner all he want is rice. My helper told me that Aiman even asked him to cook fried rice for tea! LOL! No wonder his weight is about 30kg now. Aiman is going to sit for mid term exam next week...I think everybody's kids in primary school rite? So all the best for them! Bak already set the benchmark...hahahhaaa sian ko Aiman.

My handsome active boy...Danial

Wajah anak sulung ku..

I actually planning for some 'makan2' at home next week...may be 'makan2' for any suggestions for the menu?hehhehee hubby said no need to cook, we just order from caterer and he doesn't want me to feel very tired because next Thursday we are going to PD. Yeah..but being me, I don't feel very comfortable when entertaining guest without me actually cook the dishes...don't know why..may be because I love to cook :) tak kira la sedap ke tak...hahhahhaaa

Love this pic..walaupun gelap :)


Salt N Turmeric said...

eh tengah syok2 type comment tetiba aje hilang. grrr...

anyway, congrats for finishing off your masters programme! pejam celik aje dah pun selamat kan?

amboi you guys ni, kalau balik bercuti aje mesti dok hotel mengadap klcc ye? lol.

natrah said...

Laaaa nape jd mcm tu..
tq tq..tu lah rasa mcm sat jer..
Hehehehe bagi chance le kat orang kg ni sekali sekala nak dok hotel best ;)

LadyJava said...

Congrats Nat!!
I'm so proud of you...!! muahs muahs!!

Sabar jer Mr Nat.. kesenangan bersama tu...

Wah dah besau your sons lah Nat :)

imz said...

semoga u success...!!

Asmahani said...

salam Dr Natrah,

erm.. husband u nampak familiar. ex matrix ukm 96/97 ke?

natrah said...

asmahani..yup dia matrix ukm bangi.kenal ke?