Monday, March 31, 2008

3 days 2 nights in Langkawi Island

Our last visit to Langkawi Island was 5 years ago (even before Danial was born!). That was the reason why we chose Langkawi for this short break. I love Langkawi for its beautiful beaches and also homemakers shopping heaven! (You can get a wide variety of kitchen items and tableware at a very affordable price). Apart from that...chocolates are my MUST BUY item. What else you can get there at a very low price?..errr Yes! Imported cars! :) You can get a brand new Honda Civic 2.0 at only RM70000 plus..which I got it here at 128k...LOL . However hubby and me decided not to buy anything except the chocolates during this holiday.

We took a ferry from Kuala Perlis Jetty at 2pm and arrived in Langkawi Island at 3pm. It was a smooth journey because there were not many people as it was not a holiday season.

Quiet jetty with only few people were waiting to board the ferry

My mum and my kids

On board...

We rented a Toyota Serena for only RM 150/day...this price will double up during school moral of the story..don't come to Langkawi during a holiday season :)

At the hotel lobby

After checked into Helang Hotel just beside Langkawi International Airport...we took a good 1 hour rest before went out for shopping in Kuah Town...don't ask about what I bought :)...all chocolates, chocolates and chocolates.....hhehehehehhe I spoiled my kids teeth.

Helang Hotel was a nice hotel but poorly maintained swimming pool...LOL (poor Danial cannot play in the pool because there was no appropriate or divided pool for dangerous!). I was told by their staff that the hotel usually use for meetings and courses so they seldom use the swimming pool...errr but still they have to maintain the pool right?

Outside the hotel rooms

However, both rooms were spacious enough for my family and my parents and you'll be surprised looking at the corridor outside the room, so wide as if it was a hall! After spent about 2 hours shopping in Kuah Town..we headed to pantai Chenang to have our dinner..(too hungry and forgot to snap pictures during our dinner..hhehehehhe).

The next morning we went to langkawi Cable Car as Aiman kept asking us to go there. On the way to the Cable Car we stopped at Telaga Harbour to see the yatch and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. I also spent some time checking out The Loaf. Yes, the bakery owned by our ex-PM Che Det (as Kedahans called him).

The Loaf Langkawi

A very nice bakery and Bistro to have your breakfast while enjoying the beautiful picturesque scenery of the marina. I bought a few types of croissants and buns..they were fabulous. All I can say is that, you should come to experience the difference.

Memories at Telaga Harbour..

We continued our journey to Langkawi Cable Car. Aiman was telling us that he is not afraid to try the cable car (Oh! Did I ever mention that he cried his lung out when we took a ride on Eye on Malaysia(the largest ferris wheel) last year?). So, we just said.."OK lets see.."

Hahahahhaahahhahaa look at his face (sampai kembang hidung..trying to calm himself!) at the start of it.

I'm afraid of height too!!! but.. just like Aiman, trying to calm down by my BIG smile...:)

The breathtaking pictures from up there...

My beloved hubby at the entrance

Before went back to the hotel..everybody was tired and hungry!

We took a rest after our lunch that day and went back to Kuah town at 5pm for the second round shopping activities...hhehehheeheh. Later that day we went to my relative's house to have our dinner (I have a few relatives there in langkawi and they were all very warm and friendly even though we met only for a few times before).

The last day in Langkawi...after our breakfast we went to the swimming pool but to our surprised we found out that they didn't provide a separate children pool plus it was not maintain properly..a lot of insects inside the pool!! So despite going to the pool we went to Pantai Chenang..a very beautiful beach. Aiman was very excited and Danial even more because we got him a floating ring with a steering! enjoy the pics guys..

At 11am we were back to the hotel to pack our things before checked out at 12 noon. We took a ferry at 3pm to go back to Kuala Perlis and arrived home at 9.30pm (we did pit stop at my bro's house in Kangar Perlis till 7pm :).

Although everybody was sooo tired but we had a great time there in Langkawi and I'm planning to have my family gathering there next year with my parents and all my bros and sister..

I hope that was the closing of this month..March 2008... so many things happened in my family started from Afiq's admission to the hospital to robbery attempt at my house. Hopefully with this memorable Langkawi holiday everything will go on smoothly in the months ahead.

Phewww...finally I managed to post this. I'm very busy since I have no helper at home and my works also leave me with a big headache right now :) (ISO surveillance audit is coming!!)


Today I brought Afiq for his 3rd dose of immunisation..the TRITANTRIX vaccine (a combination of Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus vaccine) and also his 3rd Oral Polio vaccine. He is now 6.3kg. Yes gaining another 200g since the last time I weighed him. Alhamdulillah..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Short break to Langkawi Island

Today I'm busy packing things to bring along for our short holiday in Langkawi Island. We decided for this holiday a month ago because my kids have not been anywhere since our last holiday in Port Dickson. This time around my parents will join us to Langkawi. I'm glad that they are in a good health and able to join us.We will take a boat from Kuala Perlis Jetty..and I guess I need to stop right now because it is 1am in the morning and I have to wake up early tomorrow. It will take us 2 and half hour drive from my house to Kuala perlis jetty. OK guys I'll be back on Friday and hopefully this holiday will be a wonderful time for me and my family..Bye!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Afiq's first 2 teeth!

Mummy is too tired tonight..but have to write something about Afiq. He is now 6 months plus..and we noticed that he has developed his two front teeth a few days ago. Mmmmm, it seems with the new teeth he also has a new 'perangai' (emmm a new habit). We can't seem to put him down especially after picking him up. He would cry his lungs out each time we put him down, and stop crying when we are holding him. Maybe it has something to do with the new nanny. I guess the nanny always carry him around the house and in turn afiq always wants to be carried.

Hehhehee I had to make him cry before I could snap this pic of his new teeth..can you see those 2 little teeth over his lower gum?

This one is clearer..2 small short but sharp teeth! He loves bitting our fingers too..ouch!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The greatest wealth is health

I was running an antenatal clinic this morning when a couple came in. The wife is about 3 weeks postnatal and she is suffering from Hypertension. She was started on antihypertensive medication (by the doc at the hospital) upon discharged from the ward and was ordered to come to her nearest clinic for BP check up and review by the doc after 1 week. However, she came to my clinic after 3 weeks! When I asked her why she didn't come earlier..she replied"takde orang nak hantar pegi klinik"(nobody to bring her to the clinic) so I looked up to her husband. As if he understand that I needed his explanation, he answered " saya sibuk, tak sempat"...LOLzz. The problem now is that her BP shoot up and she needs hospitalization to stabilised her BP.(Ops! Should I tell you that hypertensive disorder in pregnancy (HDP) is one of the commonest cause of maternal death? and maternal mortality rate reflects the standard of our antenatal care too.) You can read further here
So back to that couple, do you think the husband agrees to let the wife to be admitted? If bringing her to the clinic is a quite a task for him, to let her be admitted to the ward is even a tougher job right? and my job is even more convince them that admission to the ward is the best option they have.
I wonder why some ppl in our community still put other things as a priority compared to their health..The greatest wealth is health!
I come to a conclusion that awareness and level of education play an integral part to determine your attitude towards health.
Psssst: That lady went back at her own risk! :( I failed to convince them...Hopefully nothing happens to her...but still, I grrrrrrr (geram beb!) at her hubby :p

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Picnic with friends..

Happy celebrating Maulidur Rasul 2008...the birth day of our prophet Muhammad S.A.W and the day to remind us as muslims of our prophet Muhammad S.A.W and His battle to uphold Islam...
Today is a public holiday but my family just spend it at home..because my hubby is working :(
After I did the laundry I started to cook for lunch. Aiman and Danial were playing with their friends. Aiman asked me whether he can invite his friends to have lunch over at my house, so I agreed and I suggested them to have it outside like 'picnic in the garden'. They were all excited and keep asking me when the lunch is supposed to be ready..LOL. I recall when I was a small girl I love to have this kind of picnic...had lunch outside the house under shaddy trees with friends. During my time we used to bring our own food and share with each other...still remember a few girlfriends whom I used to picnic with :)
Look at their faces..very happy and I hope they will remember this picnic when they grow I do.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A new baby-sitter

Yesterday 17th March 2008, marked Afiq's 1st day at his new baby-sitter's house. We call her Mak Teh. Mak Teh lives with her husband and their 3 daughters age 7-21. Mak Teh has a food stall here and when she go out to her stall, Afiq will be taken care by her 2nd daughter Kak Ngah. Kak Ngah previously worked at a nursery in Penang but she resigned a few weeks back because she had prolonged cough most probably because she is allergic to polluted air over there (near an industrial area). That's a good news for us :). So, yesterday we sent Afiq to Mak Teh's house at 8.15am and as usual he looked very happy and giggled happily when Kak Ngah carrying him. It looks like they have a lot of experiences in taking care of the children because before Mak Teh started her food stall bussiness about 3 years ago, she used to take care of 8 babies at one time! with the help of her daughters. Looking at their house anybody will know that they pay particular attention on cleanliness which is good for Afiq. Hopefully everything will be going on smoothly and Afiq is happy staying there.
Pssst: I guess they love baby boy too because Mak Teh has only 1 son age 20+. Afiq, you are so lucky!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


We were in the car on Thursday night when my hubby got a phone call from his staff. She told us that a man was trying to get more info about our house and about us! About when we usually out of the house, when my hubby come back from work..and etc. OMG!!! What the hell is that man wants?
To make it worst, we were told that, that man has a police record and has been in and out of the prison. Oh No! We rushed back home that night and Alhamdulillah nothing had happened that night. The next morning the lady who called us the night before came to our house with his husband. They wanted to warn us to be more careful and we were told that the news about my hubby who just owned a clinic and his clinic is doing well (in other words my hubby got a lot of money??) was known to that man..and can you guess where the hell he got the information? (regarding my hubby got a lot of money which I hope it is true:))...IT IS FROM OUR BABYSITTER!!!!!! OMG!! Why is she doing this to us? I guess she had no intention to do that (being an informer) but she is a very talkative person (even things that you don't ask her, she will tell you...LOLz) and unfortunately that news about my hubby.. got to the wrong person :(
For me I am still angry at her because she is not suppose to tell others about MY FAMILY even though she works for us...
Last night my hubby and I decided to sleep late..because today is a holiday. I slept at 2.30am and hubby went to bed at 4am. We didnt hear anything weird before we slept.
This morning when I woke up and was trying to open my bedroom window..I found THIS!!!!!

The mosquito net was cut open.

Another angle..

A piece of wood which used to stick the mosquito net to the window frame was pulled off and left in the drain

Another piece of that wood

The mosquito net over our bedroom window was cut open! OMG.. that man was trying to get into my bedroom last night..Oh! Very scary...luckily my hubby and I were stayed up late. May be he cancelled his project after found out that we were still awake..
That was the scariest moment in my life..We lodged a police report but to my surprised the police officer said they cannot file an official report yet because that man had not yet enter the house! Is that the procedure????
Anyway, as a precaution we put on a few spot lights over every corner outside my house and also we planned to put up a proper window grill over our bedroom window. The problem is that, this a government quarter and we are not allowed to do whatever we want to the house. We need to get my boss approval before doing anything (like putting up window grill and etc.). OK then, tomorrow I'll talk to my boss..
For my BABYSITTER, she will be FIRED!! the first thing tomorrow morning (she didn't come on weekend)and I'll let her knows everything regarding this incident and I'll make sure that she will be responsible if anything happens to us later..
My Afiq??? Oh tomorrow he will stay at the hospital nursery until I find a new babysitter :(

Doa for my family safety..

Ya Allah ya tuhan ku..lindungilah keluarga ku dari kejahatan manusia di muka bumi ini dan jauhilah kami dari kecelakaan dan keburukan..Amin.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Afiq is gaining weight

I hope you still remember my previous post about Afiq's after about a month I weighed him again yesterday morning. The result was..Yeay! He gained 400g despite having pneumonia 2 weeks ago...Alhamdulillah. I'm very thankful to Allah that nothing serious happened to him.

This is his latest pic which was taken yesterday after we came back from the clinic..he looked so happy as if he knows that he is gaining weight.

Hhahahhaaa have a look at his face..'cuak' or errr nervous face...Of course he made that face... because we undressed him and left him naked on that weighing scale! Poor Afiq felt very scared. When you look closer you could see his weight now is 6.1kg. The last weight was 5.7kg.
I think the reason why he didn't gain any weight last month was inadequate feeding by my babysitter :(
Now I am not sure whether to find another babysitter or stay with this one...what do you think?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Aiman and Danial are now a big fan of ULTRAMAN..before this I think they knew about the 'existence' of Ultraman but since they watch the series Ultraman Tiga at Astro Ceria they become fanatic about it. You name it...Tiga, Dyna, Gaia, Nexus, Zeus.. Danial will show you how they fight with the monsters and Aiman will tell you the difference between them. Aiman also can sing that Ultraman Tiga theme song!..but nobody in the house understand it..hehehhe because it is in Japanese language. This is Aiman's answer when I ask him on how does he differentiate between each Ultraman..

Me: aiman macamana aiman kata yang ni Tiga?

Aiman: Tiga lampu dia bulat


Aiman:Dyna ada line kuning kat bahu dia.


Aiman:Dia ada tanduk dgn tajam kat tgn dia.

Me: Gaia?

Aiman: Dia ada tanduk dengan lampu dia segitiga


Aiman:Ada tanduk tapi lampu bulat, baju dia merah dengan putih

OMG! You are so observant Aiman! Well done. Since the past few days both of them keep asking us to buy an ultraman toy and the monsters so that they can play with them. Oh! The wind has changed from Thomas and Friends to Ultraman!

A little bit about Ultraman...

I never know that the star of ULTRAMAN TIGA (Daigo) is actually a pop singer!
Do you know that ULTRAMAN has 28 special powers? Yes they do but despite all these amazing powers, Ultraman has one main weakness: Since earth's atmosphere filters out his solar energy, Ultraman can only be on earth for 3 minutes. To signal this, a warning light in Ultraman's chest (called the ColorTimer (カラータイマー, KarāTaimā?) in the Japanese-language version) starts out at blue. At the 1 minute mark it starts to blink, and then turns red and blinks faster at the 2 minute mark. Some sources have given 2:10 as the mark where the timer begins to blink. If the ColorTimer/warning light stops, Ultraman will "never rise again". Obviously, at whatever point the blinking begins, Ultraman typically has only a short amount of time left to defeat his foe and return to his human host.

Thanks to Wikipedia..I learn a lot about Ultraman today..yeay!
OK....lets have a look at my ULTRABOYS..

Aiman and Danial will love to see this...their ULTRAMAN pictures and pic of them in the same page. Aiman is the one who gave me the idea to write this post. Thanks Aiman and Danial, you both make up my day :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Afiq's hospital stay..

First of all, my family and I would like to thank all my blogging friends, my silent blog readers and everybody out there who pray and concern about our beloved afiq's health. He was admitted to the hospital on 2nd of March 2008 for pneumonia (Lung infection) and was discharged 4 days later. During his hospital stay, he was treated with intravenous antibiotcs, antipyretics and the most important was intravenous fluids. He was severely dehydrated during the admission and 1 litre of 1/5 dextrose saline solution was given intravenously throughout the admission. Currently he has completed his antibiotics which was switched from IV to oral antibiotics when he was discharged. He still has mild cough but he feeds well. We are very thankful to Allah S.W.T that he is recovering very well.

This is his chest radiograph which was taken before his admission. This is also the pic that we sent to a Paediatrician via MMS. If you can see there were patchy opacities over both sides of his lungs. Ops! Do I have to explain that the centre white thing is his heart and both lungs supposed to be black with whitish line across them which are the ribs? So the patchy opacities between the ribs are the area of infections. Yes, like what my hubby wrote in his post prior to this, to treat someone else's child is easy but when it comes to your own..very difficult even with a clear cut pneumonia..(pssssst:that's why we have to send that MMS to a paediatrician!..I tried to say that it was not pneumonia features but my hubby said most probably it is..but now we realised that it was all because denial that we cannot make the diagnosis of pneumonia even though it was right in front of us!..LOL)

Afiq during his second day in the ward..

Faces of him during the stay...

Can you see that yellow thing over his left hand? That is the stopper to stop the blood from coming out from the site where the branulla (intravenous access line) was inserted...initially it was left just like that with the stopper taken out and connects the branulla tip to the intravenous tubing..but later...

We have to do this..cover his hand with his pampers! because he kept trying to pull the IV tubing off! Hahhhahhaa Afiq.. I really hope that you'll be able to see this when you grown up. Naughty boy huh...Muahahaaaahaa

Most of us prefer to be admitted to private hospital instead of government hospital. I guess that also applies to me...but since my house is just 5 minutes drive from this gov hospital and we personally know most of the staff... besides, they used to work under my hubby and most important was Afiq's condition is not that bad...then we decided to admit him there.Kesian Afiq..hehehhee jimat duit.
Again, to end this posting I would like to thank all of you for the support...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!