Friday, March 14, 2008

Afiq is gaining weight

I hope you still remember my previous post about Afiq's after about a month I weighed him again yesterday morning. The result was..Yeay! He gained 400g despite having pneumonia 2 weeks ago...Alhamdulillah. I'm very thankful to Allah that nothing serious happened to him.

This is his latest pic which was taken yesterday after we came back from the clinic..he looked so happy as if he knows that he is gaining weight.

Hhahahhaaa have a look at his face..'cuak' or errr nervous face...Of course he made that face... because we undressed him and left him naked on that weighing scale! Poor Afiq felt very scared. When you look closer you could see his weight now is 6.1kg. The last weight was 5.7kg.
I think the reason why he didn't gain any weight last month was inadequate feeding by my babysitter :(
Now I am not sure whether to find another babysitter or stay with this one...what do you think?


LadyJava said...

Ohh.. he looked so happy in the first photo and like you say so cuak in the second and third.. I'll feel cuak too if left naked on a weighing machine..lolzz...

But seriously though..alhamdullilah he has gain weight..

Hmm.. it seems your babysitter has been doing her job thus the increase in weight gain right?? Perhaps it's better to stick to her? After all she is familiar with the kids already...

I am soo happy for you Nat..and for Afiq as well.. have a great weekend ya!

Noushy Syah said...

yeyyyy!! Alahamdulillah my dear.That surely a gr8 news.Hopefully Afiq will keep on thriving well.

He looks so cheerful and alert.You did well Afiq.

Perhaps you should really give a written instruction on Afiq's feeding schedule to the Nanny and every after each feeding make sure she thick and record the amount of you can make sure the amount intake of Afiq exactly.And should her cheating you will know with the weight gain/lose wt of Afiq.

I mean it's perhaps not the very best idea but at least it's good for Afiq's benefits...

From this you also could tell her that you might have spot check from time to time to make sure Afiq's been fed properly.

Glad to see that big lovely cute happy smile form Afiq.Muahhss.Cyg Afiq.

Farah Deen said...

without questioning NAT-berenti dengan ke'capoi'an dia tuh.....
Glad that he has gained his weight and that pic really really looks like ur face la nat!Sebijik muka hang..kalau hang nak tau macam mana hang sengih, hang tgk la pic afiq tuh..hihihihihi

Aleeya said...

masyaallah comelnya afiq meniarap tu
rasa nak kiss2 pipi dia..

wahhh dah naik berat tu..okla tu..

natrah..mcm mana nak tau yer ..berat tu bersesuaian atau tidak dgn umur anak kita??

natrah said...


Yes LJ I love to see that 1st pic fact he is more bubbly since discharge from ward..and eat a lot!susu Frisolac gold yg sekilo tu seminggu jer habis..lolz

Yes I'm thankful to Allah because he has gain weight

Oh LJ! I need to fire my babysitter asap!she did something which is unforgivable! I'll post about it sekejap lagi..

thanks LJ..great wkend to you too.

natrah said...

I am happy too because he has improve so terms of weight and also feeding.

Talking bout my babysitter..she will be fired the 1st thing tomorrow!!I'll write bout it later..

for the meantime Afiq has to be sent to Nursery until I find a new babysitter.

Anyway, I'm very thankful my afiq is doing very well..syukur Alhamdulillah.

natrah said...


that is the first thing aku nk buat esok..she can get lost from my house!

Uik ya ke?aku pun rasa muka sama mcm aku..hehhheee comei la aku kan?? Muahahhahaha tak masuk bakoi angkat sendiri sapa lagi nk buat ye dak? :)

btw, thanks for your support friend!
pssssst: tah tah masa kita dok YM last night penyagak tu buat kerja..hish Nauzubillah.

natrah said...

Alhamdulillah dia dah OK..

about berat baby tu kan..mmg ada range dia..contohnya umur ni berat supposed to be around this to kalau nk senang tgk je graf yg kat folder kaler pink atau biru kat kad baby(kalau pegi check up/immunisation kat klinik kerajaan lah)..dlm tu dia dah siap kalerkan area yg putih is normal range yg kuning kena beware and merah mmg kena intervention lah..

tak pun check it here

Aleeya said...

tq natrah..
dah check..:))

tiffany said...

he's really cute in that pose... boley jadik model iklan ni... alhamdulillah, afiq pon nampak mmg dah sihat n ceria tu... hugs n kisses for him...

natrah said...

Hugs and kisses from afiq to aunty shieda too :)

Mohd Noor Hakimi said...

Va Va Va...comelnye bebudak tu..pinjam seminggu bleh?geram je tengok..rasa nak cubit2 pipi diorg.

Mohd Noor Hakimi said...

kiutnyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!macam I kecik2 dulu..