Monday, March 10, 2008

Afiq's hospital stay..

First of all, my family and I would like to thank all my blogging friends, my silent blog readers and everybody out there who pray and concern about our beloved afiq's health. He was admitted to the hospital on 2nd of March 2008 for pneumonia (Lung infection) and was discharged 4 days later. During his hospital stay, he was treated with intravenous antibiotcs, antipyretics and the most important was intravenous fluids. He was severely dehydrated during the admission and 1 litre of 1/5 dextrose saline solution was given intravenously throughout the admission. Currently he has completed his antibiotics which was switched from IV to oral antibiotics when he was discharged. He still has mild cough but he feeds well. We are very thankful to Allah S.W.T that he is recovering very well.

This is his chest radiograph which was taken before his admission. This is also the pic that we sent to a Paediatrician via MMS. If you can see there were patchy opacities over both sides of his lungs. Ops! Do I have to explain that the centre white thing is his heart and both lungs supposed to be black with whitish line across them which are the ribs? So the patchy opacities between the ribs are the area of infections. Yes, like what my hubby wrote in his post prior to this, to treat someone else's child is easy but when it comes to your own..very difficult even with a clear cut pneumonia..(pssssst:that's why we have to send that MMS to a paediatrician!..I tried to say that it was not pneumonia features but my hubby said most probably it is..but now we realised that it was all because denial that we cannot make the diagnosis of pneumonia even though it was right in front of us!..LOL)

Afiq during his second day in the ward..

Faces of him during the stay...

Can you see that yellow thing over his left hand? That is the stopper to stop the blood from coming out from the site where the branulla (intravenous access line) was inserted...initially it was left just like that with the stopper taken out and connects the branulla tip to the intravenous tubing..but later...

We have to do this..cover his hand with his pampers! because he kept trying to pull the IV tubing off! Hahhhahhaa Afiq.. I really hope that you'll be able to see this when you grown up. Naughty boy huh...Muahahaaaahaa

Most of us prefer to be admitted to private hospital instead of government hospital. I guess that also applies to me...but since my house is just 5 minutes drive from this gov hospital and we personally know most of the staff... besides, they used to work under my hubby and most important was Afiq's condition is not that bad...then we decided to admit him there.Kesian Afiq..hehehhee jimat duit.
Again, to end this posting I would like to thank all of you for the support...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


Aleeya said...

alhamdulilah dah sihat yer afiq...

slm kenal..
seronoknye ade 3 putera
masa mula2 pregnant dulu i wish dat i dpt baby boy, sbb i suka lagi baby boy, but my hubby suka baby girl, finally keluar girl hehehe, tu la satu2nye anak sy skrg..

semoga anak2 u sentiasa berada di bwh lindungan Allah..amin..

natrah said...

Salam Aleeya,
terima kasih kerana mendoakan kesejahteraan anak2 I..
takpe Aleeya, lelaki ke pompuan ke sama je..cuma kalau ada pompuan syiok gak sbb boleh tolong kat dapur kan..hehheeh.lepas ni boy pulak eh? Amin!

Psssst: thanks kerana sudi singgah...dtg lg ye..

Aleeya said...

natrah, i dah link u ..

ntahle natrah.. tapi i lebih suka lak tengok baby boy neh..klo pas ni pregnant lagi dpt sorang dua or tiga boy pun takper hehehe

i akan selalu dtg sini ..nak tengok putera2 u yg comel dan emsem nihh

natrah said...

tq Aleeya..

Ada 2-3 boy ni kena tough lah..ppl selalu ask me how to keep trim and answer is easy..ada 2-3 hero about the same age..sah no need diet and everything..untung jugak tu..hhehehe

tp girl boleh beli baju cute2 and comel2 like ur damia..

datang lah selalu takper :)

LadyJava said...

Alhamdullilah, Syukur Nat. I am so happy to see Afiq so much better. Cian tangan dia kena bungkus with pampers but better than he pull the stopper out kan??

Muga muga he would recover totally soon ya.. I doakan bersama :)

Farina said...

Natrah, im glad to hear tht ur son is out fr the hospital. funny tht uv to cover his hand using diaper. lol. takpelah as long as u achieved the intention. ;)

Noushy Syah said...

Glad to hear Afiq is well now...hope he will thrive better and gain well as usual.

Muahss to Afiq and hope all of you will be fine too yea.

Take care Nat.

natrah said...

Ya LJ..not only you..I pun laaaaagi happy and syukur sgt2 dia dah sihat..very tired looking after a sick baby you know but that is part and parcel of being a mother and the sweetness of it..

even bungkus dgn pampers pun dia gosok2 and at last that branulla tip terkulai kulai..LOL.terpaksalah nurses tu off dia punya IV drip.

thanks LJ for your doa..

Mrs.Zack said...

Nat syukur afiq dah ok. Nat nampak bersih dan teraturlah wad kanak2 tu dan cahaya yang masuk pun banyak. Dif. dgn GH kat Melaka nie, sgtlah crowded dan suram, salah satu reason kenapa org suka pergi ke hospital swasta termasuklah saya :)

natrah said...

thanks for ur concern.

We have to do that(cover his hand with diaper) because he kept rubbing his hand over his nose too..may be because he felt uncomfortable due to blocked nose..kesian dia :( we as adult pun feel uncomfortable kan whenever we have cough and cold..

natrah said...

TQ TQ berkat doa semua org he is recovering very well..Alhamdulullah.

thanks again aunty noushy! :)

natrah said...


betul kat district hospital ni much better, patient tak ramai, ruang pun luas..cuma takde pakar je.kalau setakat sakit sikit2 ni i prefer here lah tp if anything which needs specialist consultation I will go to Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim Sungai Petani (HSAH)

psssst:Hosp Melaka is an old type sbb tu crowded but here in HSAH a very new hosp kat dalam mcm private hosp jugak cuma mungkin servis tak mcm kat private :(

Aleeya said...

natrah..update le fasal ur sons lagik..:))

natrah said...


Alamak bz la minggu ni..ramai org sakit!tgk la hari ni..tunggu ek..

Mrs.Zack said...

nat, building untuk pead wad adalah building yang baru di bina rasanya baru 9 tahun kot tapi sesak juga katil dia rapat2

natrah said...

Mrs Zack,
Oh is it? maksudnya diorang need a new hospital lah...biar besar sikit semua department.hehhee
I tau mmg crowded kalau katil rapat2..nk bernafas pun rasa tak selesa :(