Sunday, March 16, 2008


We were in the car on Thursday night when my hubby got a phone call from his staff. She told us that a man was trying to get more info about our house and about us! About when we usually out of the house, when my hubby come back from work..and etc. OMG!!! What the hell is that man wants?
To make it worst, we were told that, that man has a police record and has been in and out of the prison. Oh No! We rushed back home that night and Alhamdulillah nothing had happened that night. The next morning the lady who called us the night before came to our house with his husband. They wanted to warn us to be more careful and we were told that the news about my hubby who just owned a clinic and his clinic is doing well (in other words my hubby got a lot of money??) was known to that man..and can you guess where the hell he got the information? (regarding my hubby got a lot of money which I hope it is true:))...IT IS FROM OUR BABYSITTER!!!!!! OMG!! Why is she doing this to us? I guess she had no intention to do that (being an informer) but she is a very talkative person (even things that you don't ask her, she will tell you...LOLz) and unfortunately that news about my hubby.. got to the wrong person :(
For me I am still angry at her because she is not suppose to tell others about MY FAMILY even though she works for us...
Last night my hubby and I decided to sleep late..because today is a holiday. I slept at 2.30am and hubby went to bed at 4am. We didnt hear anything weird before we slept.
This morning when I woke up and was trying to open my bedroom window..I found THIS!!!!!

The mosquito net was cut open.

Another angle..

A piece of wood which used to stick the mosquito net to the window frame was pulled off and left in the drain

Another piece of that wood

The mosquito net over our bedroom window was cut open! OMG.. that man was trying to get into my bedroom last night..Oh! Very scary...luckily my hubby and I were stayed up late. May be he cancelled his project after found out that we were still awake..
That was the scariest moment in my life..We lodged a police report but to my surprised the police officer said they cannot file an official report yet because that man had not yet enter the house! Is that the procedure????
Anyway, as a precaution we put on a few spot lights over every corner outside my house and also we planned to put up a proper window grill over our bedroom window. The problem is that, this a government quarter and we are not allowed to do whatever we want to the house. We need to get my boss approval before doing anything (like putting up window grill and etc.). OK then, tomorrow I'll talk to my boss..
For my BABYSITTER, she will be FIRED!! the first thing tomorrow morning (she didn't come on weekend)and I'll let her knows everything regarding this incident and I'll make sure that she will be responsible if anything happens to us later..
My Afiq??? Oh tomorrow he will stay at the hospital nursery until I find a new babysitter :(

Doa for my family safety..

Ya Allah ya tuhan ku..lindungilah keluarga ku dari kejahatan manusia di muka bumi ini dan jauhilah kami dari kecelakaan dan keburukan..Amin.


LadyJava said...

OMG! Nat.. Alhamdullilah nothing happened. I guess you were right when that man saw the lights on or something aborted his mission. Ngeri I dengar.. can't imagine happening that to me... although it has happened to my SIL once.. lucky she was not at home then...

Yeah, you better talk to your boss ASAP..and the lights are good idea as well..and FIRING the babysitter is an excellent idea in this case.

Poor Afiq, baru nak recover, dah kena place kat nursery pulak kan..

Cian you.. after one... one... cubaan betul... I doakan keselamatan keluarga you bersama.. Ameen...

noushy syah said...


Often this is how burglary takes place...the informer is someone from inside!

Hentikan dia terus Nat.Only God knows what's in her mind next!

I also will dua' and prayer for you and family's safety Nat.God bless you my dear.

Aleeya said...

natrah..semoga family u sentiasa lindungi Allah okay..takotla pulak tengok tu..nasib tak jadi ape2..nauzubillah..

Ooo afiq anta nursery yer, damia pun i letak nursery, masa abis pantang dulu, anta kat kakak kat perak..kakak nak jaga sbb anak2 dia dah besar, pastu hubby i lak takleh tido malam teringat damia hehehe, mommy dia relax jerk..pastu sehari je damia kat perak..ambil balik..then till now damia kat nursery..:))

natrah byk2 baca ayat kursi sebelum keluar rumah ok

take care

Emila Yusof said...

Salam Natrah! My, that is one scary story! Take all precautions if you have to, firing the babysitter is indeed a good one! Ever considered putting up the security alarm system? There's APH, or ADT to begin with.

Hannan said...

Semoga Allah lindungi Dr dan family.... adoii..sistem polis ni agak la memelikkan... polis lagi suka buat siasatan lepas malang berlaku kot... lepas ni kalau jadi ape2.. bole saman polis ni..

natrah said...

thanks LJ..I was scared to death yesterday but now calm a little bit..yes LJ I would rather be outside the house when HE break in..take whatever HE wants and leave us alone...TAKOTTTNYEEEEE..
I've talked to my boss and she gave a green light for me to put up a window grill to all the windows..legalah sikit.
About Afiq, I've found a new babysitter for him, a very nice family with 2 daughters age 7-19..I'll write about it 2morrow.
Anyway, mungkin ada hikmah di sebalik semua ni...sabar je lah

Yes Noushy I dah fire dia pg td..
She deserved it.thanks for ur doa..

Yes I laaaaaaaaaaaaagi takut.Syukurlah tak jadi apa2 yg tak diingini.
OH ye ke? Kat nursery ni bagus jugak kan? dia ada byk kawan dan tak susah nk tinggal kalau kita ada kerja sbb dia akan nk kat semua org..cuma tu lah..selalu dpt infections,sesema batuk and etc..(kalau kat nursery tempat I letak Afiq ni lah) sbb berjangkit dari budak lain.
My hubby pun like your hubby, tak boleh berenggang lama dgn anak2..dia sanggup jaga tiga2 sekali sorang2 kalau i pi kursus..Alhamdulillah kan kita dpt hubby camtu..
InsyaAllah I akan amalkan ayat kursi bila2 pun.tq

I'll try to do whatever I a about APH and ADT tu, where can I find it ya? kat my place ni jgn harap lah nk ada..pekan kecik jer :)

ya lah saya pun geram, but since my hubby yg pi buat report dia tak tnya byk la..kalau I dah lama peg polis tu kena berjawab :)
anyway esok I want to see the OCPD..nk tnya dia, kebetulan wife dia my staff..senang sikit. I guess dirang malas nk buat kerja je ni..hish.
thanks hannan for ur concern.

LadyJava said...

Nat. I hope you are feeling much better today. Alhamdullilah you dah dapat babysitter for Afiq :).. yes dear everything happens for a reason.. so take heart in knowing that there is a blessing in this episode :). InsyAllah all will be ok ya :)

Take care dearie... you are always in my prayers :)

Emila Yusof said...

Natrah try this website:

check these sites, see whether they cover your area.

noushy syah said...

ALhamdulillah you got a new babysitter already, I hope everything should be Ok yea..and glad that Afiq is gaining weight.

God Bless you and family.
Take care Nat.

Farina said...

Natrah, thts 1 hell of a scary incident. thank god tht perp is 'stupid' tht he called ur hubby's staff. its hard to do anything now considering u dont exactly kno who tht person is and if he's indeed the one trying to break in. but u can always try to file a report against ur baby-sitter and and maybe even tell ur neighbours and friends abt her so nobody would have the same problem as you.

whtever u choose to do, my pray will always be for u and family.

natrah said...

thanks for your kind words :)

natrah said...

I'll check it got the alarm system at home?

natrah said...

yes my new babysitter is great..they love children and I'm very happy to see how they treat my afiq..hopefully everything will be OK after this..thanks ya noushy :)

natrah said...


thanks for your concern..I'm very thankful to my hubby's staff because she told us about it or else we are clueless...
about my ex-baby sitter..I guess most of the ppl here know her attitude and I really hope nobody will take her as baby sitter after this..biar dia rasakan..

tiffany said...

OMG!!! thank god nothing bad happened.... look scary la the way he tear the mosquito net... rite this moment, a new babysitter should really help... semoga kejadian sama xkan berulang, ameen...

natrah said...

harap2 tak jadi apa2 lg lepas ni..takotttt.baru je dpt news td yg my neighbour hilang motorsikal yesterday...ish makin mengganas lah pencurik ni..risau betul.