Saturday, March 1, 2008

My workstation?..My dream bed.

The French Belgravia Collection irresistible!

I was blog hopping this morning when I stumbled upon a blog which showed the owner's workstation and also a place where the owner did the digital work and blog hopping. Then, I thought...where is mine? Oh, do you want to know where usually I do all these blogging things? On my bed! Do you believe me? Of course you have to.. because I have a few reasons why I'm blogging on my bed.

1. I have a small baby (5 month old) who always lie beside me while I'm where do you think the best place for me to blog?...Yes! On my bed.

2. I have a wireless internet (Streamyx) connection at home, so why should I sit on a chair when I can lie down on my bed?

3. My bedroom also has a Television set and if I lie on my bed while blogging I could also watch TV at the same time but if I do it somewhere else I cannot watch my fav show..
Well, with the 3 reasons I guess my hubby is willing to get me a new more comfortable bed. So I started browsing for my dream bed and I found this site Guest Beds. Personally I love french style bed with light colours such as white, beige or light brown. I wish I could have their French Belgravia collection. It is chic and fashionable and most importantly it suits my bedroom theme which is country French style. The French Belgravia collection also came with matching furniture. Definitely I would choose their ambience side tables and also ambience dressing table. You should have a look at it...very French looking! Apart from their very wide collection and nice looking beds and furnitures, I guess the other important part is the price right? I found that their range of prices are also reasonable. Oh I can start dreaming of having it now..and my blogging hours will be like heaven..on my dream French Belgravia bed!


LadyJava said...

Wohooo... bed blogging.. sounds like a plan.. err.. actually i love to but I can't imagine lying down and typing.. do you have like laptop tray or somethig??

Noushy Syah said...

HOhoho..Nat, even I love blogging from my bed!! Leave the workstation at working place only! At home, in our comfy bed, we even can rolly-polly if we wish..hehhehe..only sometimes i use my desktop, that's also if my lappy has problem.

So..I could see you are on your bed now blogging...and why AFiq is till awake?Must be staying up accompanying mummy eh?? :)

That bed sets including the bedding definitely lovely! Did you love clasical victorian style from Laura Ashley?

jahanzeb.hashmi said...

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