Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Aiman and Danial are now a big fan of ULTRAMAN..before this I think they knew about the 'existence' of Ultraman but since they watch the series Ultraman Tiga at Astro Ceria they become fanatic about it. You name it...Tiga, Dyna, Gaia, Nexus, Zeus.. Danial will show you how they fight with the monsters and Aiman will tell you the difference between them. Aiman also can sing that Ultraman Tiga theme song!..but nobody in the house understand it..hehehhe because it is in Japanese language. This is Aiman's answer when I ask him on how does he differentiate between each Ultraman..

Me: aiman macamana aiman kata yang ni Tiga?

Aiman: Tiga lampu dia bulat


Aiman:Dyna ada line kuning kat bahu dia.


Aiman:Dia ada tanduk dgn tajam kat tgn dia.

Me: Gaia?

Aiman: Dia ada tanduk dengan lampu dia segitiga


Aiman:Ada tanduk tapi lampu bulat, baju dia merah dengan putih

OMG! You are so observant Aiman! Well done. Since the past few days both of them keep asking us to buy an ultraman toy and the monsters so that they can play with them. Oh! The wind has changed from Thomas and Friends to Ultraman!

A little bit about Ultraman...

I never know that the star of ULTRAMAN TIGA (Daigo) is actually a pop singer!
Do you know that ULTRAMAN has 28 special powers? Yes they do but despite all these amazing powers, Ultraman has one main weakness: Since earth's atmosphere filters out his solar energy, Ultraman can only be on earth for 3 minutes. To signal this, a warning light in Ultraman's chest (called the ColorTimer (カラータイマー, KarāTaimā?) in the Japanese-language version) starts out at blue. At the 1 minute mark it starts to blink, and then turns red and blinks faster at the 2 minute mark. Some sources have given 2:10 as the mark where the timer begins to blink. If the ColorTimer/warning light stops, Ultraman will "never rise again". Obviously, at whatever point the blinking begins, Ultraman typically has only a short amount of time left to defeat his foe and return to his human host.

Thanks to Wikipedia..I learn a lot about Ultraman today..yeay!
OK....lets have a look at my ULTRABOYS..

Aiman and Danial will love to see this...their ULTRAMAN pictures and pic of them in the same page. Aiman is the one who gave me the idea to write this post. Thanks Aiman and Danial, you both make up my day :)


LadyJava said...

Awww so adorable.. eh Ultraman dah lama kan.. I remember watching them I was growing up as well.. still around eh...hehehe...I guess that's what happens when you don't have kids to keep you updated...lolzzz

natrah said...


Yup dah lama. If I'm not mistaken from what I started in 1966!! Wayyyyy before I was born.
but that new Ultraman Tiga with that pop singer as a star was 1st released in 2000.

hehhehe LJ...kalau dah terlebih update dgn all the PHDC,Ceria,Nickelodeon semua pun boleh pening woooo..that's why my house ada 2 astro decoder..hehhehe lapang sikit hati, let them watch their channel and me and hubby watch our channel..lolz

LadyJava said...

yelah kan like the advert....heheh... lucky gak both boys nat so they share the same interest.. imagine if one was girl and the other boy.. then you'll need three decoder kot...lolzz

Anonymous said...

oo suka betul anak2 you dgn ultraman.sama la ngan anak saya. anak saya 2 thn sorang and 4 thn sorang, dua dua suka layan citer ni kat astro ceria.

aiman dah berapa tahun? normally, budak2 start umur 2-5 tahun memang dah observant pada sekeliling. anak saya yg 4 tahun pun dah hafal semua characters dalam ultraman tu. kagum betul, punya la menghayati habis! LOLZzzzz

aiman 4 tahun ke 5 tahun??? budak kecik pun dah pandai sekarang kan?

penat mama and papa dia nak kemas umah lepas lawan mcm ultraman ye?

Aleeya said...

wahhh pandai lak tu menggayakan style otomen hehehe,dulu2 pun masa kecik2 i ade tengok ...pastu adik lelaki masa tu byk mainan otomen dia..skrg ni masa kejap je belalu kan sbb takde anak boys jer nih, klo tak..mesti kena wat collection otomen gak utk diorg hehehe

natrah said...

Oh..harap2 if I get a girl after this abg2 dia dah besar lah and tak interested sgt dgn TV..or else mungkin tak mustahil 3 decoder tu..uhh tak larat byr!

natrah said...

First of all thanks sbb sudi singgah rumah I yg penuh dgn heroes ni..
My Aiman dah 6 thn pun, Danial is going to be 4 years old this june..ya betul budak2 sekarang very observant kan? Your son baru 4 thn dah hafal semua character ultraman...wah!bagus tu..nmpknya dia punya memory very good.

Mmg havoc kalau Otromen dgn monster fight kat umah...and selalunya I suruh diorang kemas sendiri..especially time wkend bila my helper tak dtg :)

pssst:why I cannot get to your blog?

OK Audri yanti...come again ya

natrah said...

mana tak pandai nya..everyday melayan citer tu je..siap practice lawan lagi sorang jd monster, sorang lg jd Ultraman...LOLZZ
I ingt nk cari jugak toy Ultraman tp yg cheap je lah..sbb dah tau nasib ultraman tu mesti tercabut tgn kaki punya lah..
takpe Aleeya nexy yr boy ek?pastu after 2 years dah boleh beli Ultraman toy..wat collection..hehhehehe

Noushy Syah said...

hehhehhe...They are so cute with the posing!! Yuhooo..let's make mummy's house havoc, yehahhh!!

Kiddies are so smart, don't they? They really can tell which one is who!!

Luckily you have another decoder..otherwise no chance for mummy and daddy to watch TV!

natrah said...

Huh penat tau mengemas selepas otromen fight dgn monster..selalu I paksa diorang kemas sendiri hehhehe

Ya lah kids nowadays mmg mcm tu..byk stimulation menyebabkan diarang become better.

Ha ah hopefully kalau dpt girl pulak nnti tak perlu cari lg satu decoder lah..:) kalau tak...huh puas jugak nk settle the bill

Wen said...

my boy oso likes ultraman, tiga, dyna, etc.. boys being boys

natrah said...


great that ur boy like them too..I really want to get them an ultraman toy..where I can find them?normally those that sell at night market is not good boys will pull off the legs and hands easily!