Monday, February 9, 2009

weekend getaway..

We decided to finish up our vacation entitlement for the year 2007 in Cameron Highland, Pahang. The last time I went to Cameron Highland was about 20 years ago! I could not even recall what is was like. Therefore, on Thursday afternoon (after Aiman came back from school), we left to Cameron Highland. We arrived at about 6.30pm, it was drizzling at that time and it was so cold. Although the temperature showed 17 degrees celcius, I felt like it was a freezing temperature! We stayed at Strawberry Park Resort. Since it was an old resort, so I didn't expect too much from it...but hubby said if we come again to Cameron Highland, Strawberry Park Resort definitely not our choice :p It was situated in a bit secluded area, nice for honeymooners I guess ;) and the surroundings were nice and calm.

The lobby entrance


We didn't do much shopping actually..I just bought few cactuses, roses, strawberries and sweet potatos and sweet corn (yes, they are really sweet!) but the 2 days spent there were nice and relaxing..

We came back on Saturday afternoon and later that day we had guest from Amsterdam! Actually they were on their holiday in Cameron Highland when we met them. To cut the story short, hubby invited them to our house to get the medicine since their son had an ear infection. Their son was so excited playing with my kids and didn't want to leave our house..LOL..I guess another reason they came to our house was to enjoy the countryside scenery here..after they had their tea, they left to Penang for another few days before they go back to Amsterdam. To Carlinda and Raymond..nice meeting you :)

So, now the weekend getaway is over, I have to concentrate to my assignments! At least I have a free and peaceful mind to start back the student life ;) Ops! btw, Aiman's birthday is just around the corner and we had planned a small bday party for him this coming Thursday..ok got to go...Afiq is crying!


Salt N Turmeric said...

Nat, i don't think iv been to cameron highland. but your pics tu nampak macam sejuk aje. is it really cold up there?

natrah said...

Farina, tak tau la..i mmg jenih tak tahan sejuk kot tak cukup lemak..hehehhehe but the temperature around tu la 14-18 celcius...sejuk ke tu ha?

Salt N Turmeric said...

yes kalau 14-18c tu memang i pun akan pakai sweater. kat sini kalau gi supermarket pun i will wear a sweater. so in summer kena carry and pakai once dah masuk. if not, menggigil lah i jawabnya.

Mrs.Zack said...


rindunya dengan cameron....caya tak I pernah tinggal kat sana, kat Ladang Boh. Best sgt

psst... ni rahsia tau....I selalu tak mandi pagi masa kat sana, coz sejuk sgt hahahaha..:)

natrah said...

farina, may be sbb masa I pi tu hujan kot sikit it was very cold la mlm nye..kat sana kalau kat luar pun dh sejuk kalo dlm supermarket dgn aircond lagi sure I dah membeku..hheheheheee

you penah dok sana?...aiyoo mcm mana ek rasa hari2 sejuk camtu..I mmg tak leh la dok tempat sejuk..tak tahan asyik kena cari toilet je..hahahhahaaa.
Mandi sehari sekali kat tmpt sejuk camtu.. dh kira Ok la tu...I pi 3 hari 3x je mandi..hehehehee

LadyJava said...

Wah you also went to Cameron like Farah eh.. you guys gi together-gether ke?? hehe

I've not been to Cameron in ages.. macam syiok jer kan.. sejuk2 gitu!!

Time for a holiday perhaps.. hmm..!!