Thursday, January 31, 2008

Positive and negative

Friendly site award from Farah B..Thank you my dear friend..You always encourage me to go on blogging...and that means shortened my night sleep! I used to be very "allergic" to computers before..coz at that time I was quite envy to my hubby who always sit in front of his laptop....not blogging but playing games! Almost every night when I wake up at around midnight (I used to sleep very early at around 9pm with my kids) I saw hubby hooked up to his NEC Versa either being a town planner in"SIMS CITY 4" or a manager in "Championship Manager"..but Farah has changed me!!! I see a lot of positive things in this transformation...some of them are:

1. I'm more appreciate small -small things that happen in my family e.g when Afiq started to roll over, Danial first day at kindy, our family outings and etc., in which before this I didn't bother to snap a picture or record what had happened on that particular day.

2. I'm more computer literate! - I used to use the computer only for searching something educational and about medicine, prepare my presentation using power point and typing letters. Thats all...but now I'm proud to say that I can teach my staff on how you edit your picture using Adobe Photoshop! (of course my staff pun jenis yg tak tau apa like me before)...hahaaahhaah

3. My relatives (brother, sister,in-laws) call me more frequent - when they read something in the entry about my kids usually they will call..I just don't introduce my mother to blog yet...or else everyday she will call...heehehehe.

4. I got a new flying Blazing Red Vaio and his companion a lime green Cyber-shot DSC-T2 ! - if I'm not blogging then, I don't think hubby will buy these for me...unless I nag and nag him to buy lah :) Thank you babe..

5. I now have wireless streamyx at home...yeah..when I first started blogging I used a dial up connection...boleh tertidur kat depan laptop!

6. My hubby and I have more time to communicate to each other - before this I slept at 9pm but now I can stay up blogging and the same time accompany him while he plays his computer game.

But it also comes with a few negative things :( like :

1. My electricity bill escalated from RM 90 plus to RM120 and plus another bill came in...Streamyx!

2. I have to cut up my sleeping time...hua hua...the bills I can pay but tido....arkgh very difficult to negotiate...

Well I guess everybody will say ...keep on blogging! Only hubby will tell me ..."I think you should limit your time for blogging let say from 10 pm to 12pm only"..Muahahahaha Baik Tuan !


Noushy Syah said...

hahhaha natrah...Listen to what your hubby said..only 2 hours of blogging:p...But you know, as long as you manage well and know priorities blogging is really interesting!

LadyJava said...

Hi! Just hopped over from Farah's site.. Another site about kids.. simply awesome!...and blogging is addictive... beware!!! lolzz

LadyJava :)

natrah said...

LJ..thanks for visiting my blog..I'm new to this blogging world but I found that it is very interesting because I got to know the other world apart from my job as a medical officer..yes you're definitely is addictive!I can stay up with my eyes wide open until 2-3am for blogging...which I never do that(for any other reason) in my life before..very bad huh?anyway...nice to be your blogging friend :)

natrah said...

Noushy...yes I tried to listen to him..but I am very bad in writing an essay and editing took me about 2hours to create an there goes my 2 hours time to visit other's blog...heheheh may be kena mintak overtime sikit kot..especially to visit your blog...up to now I think I still can manage things appropriately..thanks 4 ur advice...

LadyJava said...

hahha... you got the blogging bug.. wait till you bloghop to at least 10 blogs a night.... then you'll really enjoy it.. i've made so many nice friend like Farah that it feels hard to not visit them a day.. i've added you to my blogroll and you're next on the list!!..

oh btw, if you interested to make money blogging, let me know, if you have ym, give me a holler when you see me online or we can set up a time to chat ok!!