Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Today I had quite a busy clinic...I saw 35 patients in 4 hours (kira busy la tu for a rural clinic like where I'm working right now).Most of them are suffering from Diabetis and Hypertension. Talking about that..do you know that numbers of Malaysian suffered from Diabetes are increasing.? If I'm not mistaken 8% in 1996 and came up 12% in 2006 (National Health and Morbidity Survey a.k.a NHMS). Even for me breaking bad news (which is telling patients that they are diagnosed with chronic diseases ) is a regular thing to do at everyday clinic. I strongly believe in prevention, however there are condition that you may get the disease no matter how you try to prevent it..it lies in your gene (inherited disorder) but that is a very small portion of it. The rest....you get it from your food, lifestyle and etc...so guys watch out. For me Diabetes is a silent killer.You may get stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, blindness and the list go on and on..
and the treatment for those complications are very expensive...one more thing I would like to share here is that more than 50% of those who underwent haemodialysis in Malaysia are Diabetics ! So watch out what you eat, exercise, lose that extra kilos, stop smoking and live a healthy lifestyle..good luck !


LadyJava said...

I totally agree with you here. Diabetes is a silent killer. Most of my aunts and uncles have diabetes. In fact two uncles and an aunt had passed on coz of it. It is all in what they eat. One of my uncle that passed away was having carbonated drink even after diagnosed with it and the other just continued with with teh tarik even after his legs was amputated. It's all about lifestyle.

I guess Javanese actually love sweet stuff, even their cooking has sugar. I used to be like too so much so that I did not even realised my food was sweet. Then when I got married, my hub and his family did not put any sugar at all in their cooking and I learnt to live without it too. Now when I go back to my mom's place, I can taste the sugar in her cooking and would advise her to not put too much otherwise I can't enjoy the food anymore.. so she's re-learning too..

Thank you for such a great entry and sorry to be so long winded in the comment..


natrah said...

it is so true about..You are what you eat kan?..my hubby also javanese(hubby is from JB)..so my in-law's cooking like what you said..they love sweet stuff..Initially quite difficult to adapt but later on may b they realised that i didn't take very sweet stuff..lately I found that I can tolerate with the sweetness in their cooking...eh talking bout javanese food kan...alamak I relly fall in love with sambal goreng la..i saw ur n3 in you food blog about it..fuh..meleleh air liur..apart from the things yg u goreng...what else you put to make kuah dia tu..er santan?

LadyJava said...

Oh yes santan but I guna kotak nyer so healthier lahh... I guna chilli kering so power dia mai...sambal goreng mmg famous Javanese dish.. you can find lots kat Singapore but the one I make for hari raya is call sambal goreng pengantin..lol.. don't ask me why... coz I also dont know.. so I actually intro kat my inlaws kat kl coz it seems kat sini tak der langsung. so dah jadi macam my speciality lahh...lolzz.. macam terror jer...heheh