Monday, January 21, 2008

Sleep Danial sleep......

Everynight my 3 heroes sleep early at around 8.30pm (except for weekend..they (Aiman and Danial) are allowed to sleep late). It is quite a tough task to put them to sleep..they need me or my hubby to read a storybook or sometimes I just tell them a story (whatever story...from animal story to toys story and sometimes I just tell them what I saw while I was driving that day).After the story telling session ended they want us to lie down beside them...and after about 5 minutes, then they fall asleep.However, tonight hubby tried his best to put them to sleep but Danial is still force his eyes to open...Finally hubby give up..Danial joint us watching TV... We kept saying that we don't like him to behave like that...and tomorrow he will follow his Tok Wan back to Tok Wan's house (my parents came to our house 2 days ago and will go back to their house tomorrow). He started making face like you see in the pic....unsatisfied..tired and sleepy face.
Danial you better wake up easily tomorrow...coz mummy is going to have a very busy clinic tomorrow and need to go early to work.

p.s :Farah do you recognise that pyjamas?Hehehee...he still fit in at the age of 4!

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Farah B said...

yeah, danial could still pull it off! syabil memang besar pun. cute danial muka merajuk mcm tu. hahahahah tu la, usik la dia lagi?