Saturday, January 19, 2008

You cheer me up 1st blogging award...You Cheer Me Up Award came from Farah...thanks buddy.I didn't
realised when I cheer you up coz most of the time I feel like I put a burden on
you with my 'so technical' questions...thanks again..
Have you ever feel like satisfaction when you make somebody laugh or smile or at least satisfy...I remember an incident which happened about 5 years ago.I was attending to an emergency case with my senior colleague in a ward (a patient suddenly collapsed).Everybody was busy doing their job..doctors trying to intubate him(put breathing tube through the mouth straight to the trachea),nurses were busy putting all sorts of monitoring devices to the patient (blood pressure monitoring,cardiac monitoring..and etc.), hospital attendant are ready to send some blood to
the lab for investigations...and one thing we forgot at that time was to explain to his relatives what was happened to him although they were beside
him before he collapsed.The relatives tried to came near to the bed but was not allowed by the nurses...they were very upset and I heard one of them said that they will complaint the thing to the
hospital director...Upon hearing that I quickly went to see them..I told them what had happened and what we were trying to do to save his life...Immediately I could see their faces changed from angry,tension and unsatisfied to relief and thankful..I felt so happy that day even though that patient passed away...I did my job to make his relatives satisfied.(sometimes when we are in that situation which is life and death...we tend to forget the the feelings of those who wait behind the curtain)


Farah B said...

ya allah nat, ada ka patut hamba Allah tu meninggai, Nat kata feel relieved! muaahahaha brutal sungguh. lawak. tapi paham la, feel relieved pasai bagi relatives dia tenang kan? :) thank god i am not a medical doctor, if my patients die, i might cry and mourn for a week at least!

Farah B said...

lupa lak nak tulis nama, comment tadi tu, from miss shafinaz tau! :P

natrah said...

Finaz..if I were to mourn for every patient died under my care...means masa I did my housemanship 1 and half years dulu tu was a terrible years sbb everyday ada ja yg kena bersedih sepanjang tahun lah jawabnye...dah lali dah..tak larat nk sedih ;)

Farah B said...

ya la Nat, i guess so too. when you are a doctor,you have to be tough and strong to face all these kan? -Finaz-

LadyJava said...

Yeap, I know what you mean here, sometimes pple forget those behind the curtain. Depa nak tahu jer.. sometimes coz depa tak tau lah depa jadi anxious... you did a great job in letting them be in the loop.. i'm sure it was a load off their chest!