Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Packing day..Danial and Aiman new hair look

Early in the morning today i sent both Aiman and Danial to the nursery,actually it's quite weird when Aiman just said 'yes' last night when i mention to him about sending him to nursery today,usually he will give tons of reason for not going there..may be he just feels bored watching the same repeating show in the TV (do you realised that they keep repeating the same show for a week especially in Astro Ceria??) same goes to the other cartoon channel in Astro.So at 8.30am today i sent them both.The reason why i have to send both is that i have to do the packing today as we are going back to KL tomorrow.I'm not sure wheather these things fit into our car boot or not....

The stroller.... The cradle...... and The bags.....

That's not include smaller things like the basket to put the food and water bottles,4 pair of shoes and Afiq's bag..emm i guess suggestion given by my friends is right,i have to start planning to buy MPV or minibus! I think another 2 years we have to get one...emm Mazda 5 is quite nice, tak pun Toyota Wish ke.I have to pack a lot of clothes for them as we are going to stay at the hotel for 6 days this time around.You know the rate of laundry service at the hotel right????I planned to have their clothes washed a day before raya haji at my in law's house in JB..that's about a week from now and you can figure out how many clothes a kid like Danial will change in one day :-)

Aiman and Danial have to carry their own bag that's why i packed their clothes in separate bag. Usually Aiman will give reasons not to carry his bag... tired,too heavy and etc.So Bak will carry it for him but this time no more reasons..Bak has to carry so many other things the stroller,cradle...and i can only carry this little boy Afiq.

Yesterday I brought Aiman and Danial to have their hair cut..we went to Kedai gunting Mamak actually.Aiman quite nervous because that was the first time we went there. Usually we go to a hair salon and a chinese lady cut his hair,but that salon was not open yesterday.Whenever the indian man put him on a piece of wood on the chair his face was red..i should take his picture at that time but i forgot..and i was busy reassuring him and also reassuring his brother Danial who seems like to burst into tears already...After that Aiman looked a bit relax.It was done in just 5 minutes.After that i tried to asked Danial next to get his hair cut...but he already cried..even after they gave him a sweet he still refused to get on the chair...poor Danial too scared to even look at that Indian man's face...Later that day his Bak brought him to a hair salon next to the clinic. Once he saw the chinese lady inside he immediately said "Yang ni bang ngah mau"... So last night they both showing off their new hair look..For your info this is the first time Danial has his hair cut...rambut macam bulu jagung tak panjang2 plak tu.

Danial at the hair salon

Aiman 'control' in front of camera

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