Thursday, December 13, 2007

Where's my letter

I was busy packing things yesterday while my two kids were at the nursery.At around 3pm my friend sent me a message asking whether i got the interview letter (I applied for master program in UKM about 2 months ago) and she said that most of those who applied already called for interview..suddenly my heart i not qualified for even the interview. I grab my phone and called my hubby to tell him how frustrated i usual he comfort me saying that may the postmen didn't come today and will come tomorrow,but i knew that the postmen came already in the morning....after that i started to call all my friends who applied the same program..they also got the letter...argh..where's mine???At 4.30 pm i called my office asking them whether my letter was there and the clerk told me that there was a fax letter for me...when i asked her what was the letter about..she just said she didn't read the letter...huh,but she sent the letter already to my hubby's clinic..So again i call my hubby, and thank Allah the letter that i waited for was there..So i'll go for the interview on 7th of Jan 2008.Wish me luck :-)

Surat temuduga pengambilan sarjana perubatan masyarakat sesi 2008/2009...lega!

Aiman and danial came back from nursery at around 5.30 pm (my hubby took them back).Initially they watched TV peacefully.At 7pm i heard Danial sang the song of Ultraman Tiga (followed the one sang at the end of that series and of course we don't understand it because it was in japanese).Then Aiman yell at him to stop singing..he replied with a 'touch' at his brother's head and the quarrel began..and the cost of it???My Astro remote control.It broke into 4 pieces when danial smashed it to the floor...kesian remote tu...Danial is a bit hot tempered but he is very friendly.Aiman quite slow but not so easily mix with people...2 really different characters...So because of the incident,i told them no watching TV after dinner and go to bed right after dinner...both of them cried :-)
We had our dinner at one of the cafe in B aling...Aiman had chicken chop and me and danial shared fish and chips...and at around 10pm our was house was quiet,everybody went to sleep including Afiq (very easy to get him to sleep last night,just lied beside him)...

There goes the remote control

Dinner time....

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