Monday, December 10, 2007

Grey hair!!

It is already 2 days i have not updated this blog...quite busy because my helper mak cik Siti didn't come on friday and sunday..Start from cleaning to cooking to feeding and putting them to sleep...i have to do it myself so by 10pm i'm already tired and heading straight to my bed and zzzzz.This morning i went to have my hair cut..and to my surprise the hair dresser found a lot of grey hair on my head! What??I'm only 30!What do you think the cause of my grey hair ha??Am i not paying much attention to my hair or Allah give me just to remind me that I'm already 30 and better do something worth..:-)
Start from now i have to watch my diet i think,because i read somewhere they said that grey hair sometimes due to not enough vitamins in your it right??Whatever it is thank god for giving me this or else i don't care about my diet..and think that i'm getting older

This is my grey hair...itu yang boleh cabut je yang tak boleh cabut (sebab pendek)banyak lagi!

Lately quite difficult to put Afiq to sleep at night...i have to carry him around the house about 15 minutes then another 15 minutes lying beside him..baru dia tidur...but he became more cute and adorable day by day,just like his 2 brothers aiman more plump because he eat and eat and eat while watching TV everyday and Danial more clever..he can draw a house with the windows and door and explain it to us...emm did i mention that after he explained, then we know that the thing he draw was a house?whatever it is...i love to see them growing and pick up new things everyday.

Afiq with his bottle

Plump Aiman

Danial Super hero


And their collection of Thomas the train...both of them will play this toys before they go to sleep.They started to like this train set about 6 month ago after they watch the cartoon series in the TV "Thomas and friends", since then every time we went shopping they will asked Bak to buy one set and usually Bak will overall they already have 5 different sets..Aiman who always change the position of each set and show his creativity..a good toy teaches my son to be creative...but need some investment :-) for me it is quite expensive....anyway good investment..

This coming Thursday we are going back to Johor Bahru (forgot to mention that my hubby is from JB) but before that a few pit stop,KL and PD... yeah..Port Dickson.To be frank my hubby and i never been to PD before so that's why we choose PD for our year end holiday for this year.

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