Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day and Night Trip with the 2 elder heroes

Today is friday, which is the only day that i have for my off day. i decided to do a day and night trip with the elder heroes a.k.a. Aiman and Danial (sory my cutie Afiq, bak will bring u along when you are older).

Where did i decide to go..... well it seems that i have chosen Queensbay Mall partly because i wanted to bring my kids to the cinema to watch the latest movie. Kungfu Panda and THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Mmmm, actually i wanted to see the movies also, hehe.

The day started after i had made them breakfast...not much of a breakfast really as i only manage to goreng them a burger each and scrambled eggs. I had a leftover of the Murtabak Johor which is about 3 weeks old but it is still edible due to it being frozen solid inside the freezer (sorry farah, we'll get u the murtabak the next time we go back to JayBee). Then after sending Afiq to Mak teh's house we were on our way. The traffic was smooth all the way to QB. We reached there at about 10.45 am. I bought the tickets for both the shows. Kungfu Panda at 1145am and Hulk at 445 pm. I let Danial and Aiman run around the place with me following them. They decide to go to the arcade near the Cineplex, where they don't even know how to play.

After that, we made our way to the cineplex to watch the 1st movie. The movie was made by Dreamworks which also made other movies such as Shrek and Madagascar. It is okay, not great but okay. Aiman enjoyed the cinema but Danial doesn't seem to share the enthusiasm. I guess he hasn't reached that level yet as he keeps going on talking all the time. We later had our lunch at Secret Recipe and both of them had Fish and Chips. it is one of Aiman's fav food.

we window shop after that looking for Danial bday present. I wanted to buy him an interactive laptop rather than just toys as it could help him in english and education in general. so i bought one in Jusco. it is not exactly a laptop but more like a desktop. Aiman was heckling me to buy him computer games for him too, but i said no. (He wants a PSP!!!!) We then made a pitstop in Borders where i bought two graphic novels to complete my collection and then off we go again for our 2nd movie THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

I love movies that is adapted from comic books especially Marvel Comics. X-Men, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four,and not forgetting Iron Man. The Hulk is actually the sequel from the 1st one which came out in 2003. but the fellas from marvel said that it is actually a reboot from the 1st movie and technically not a sequel. Let's just move on before i complicate things.... Aiman had a lot of drink prior to the movie and was holding his bladder from the final quarter of the movie. i told him not to drink too much as he had almost bursts his bladder by holding on too long during the last time when we watched Iron Man. Luckily he managed to hold on this time until the end of the movie. Oh ya, what about Danial? He slept through the movie as he did when we watched Iron Man at Midvalley.
After the movie we had some ice-cream at Baskins N Robins. Danial is a 'hantu' when it comes to ice-creams. He simply loves it. We took 3 scoops sundae and i think he ate a lot more than both of me and Aiman combined. I also bought them a pair of new shoes to play with thier football as i couldn't fine an appropriate football boots. Oh, plus 2 CD's of Ultraman Nexus and with it 2 GUTS aeroplane. Before we left for Baling, we stopped by the airport to meet with Farah. Thanks for the stuff Farah.

WOW!!!! What a day. It took a lot from me just to keep up with them. I wonder where they got such energy.... and as usual, i couldn't sleep if i'm too tired (which explains why i am posting these blog at 2 am).

As a conclusion........



CD'S RM 50



Farah Deen said...

saiful..i like the last sentence....expression on their happy faces which is priceless! Glad that you manage to juggle between work+kids+household chores+simple cooking and other misc or ad hoc jobs! :) SUPER question asnwered! You were wondering where did your kids get the energy....the answer is from U! Hihihihihihi...

about the stuff..hope natrah likes it and hmm..dah ROYAL ke belum? hihihihihihi..

Aleeya said...

huyooo nat ni mmg supermom ekk..he he, yaya pon suka ayat nat yg last tu..

btw bila kita nak jumpa ek nat..

natrah said...

on behalf of my hubby...thanks for the SUPER DAD title...he deserve it..:)

suka suka hidup ROYAL!

actually that post was written by my hubby...dia yg bwk anak2 semua pi Penang jalan2...he is really a caring dad lah...

ha ah bila ek?

Salt & Turmeric said...

Michael pun nak tengok kungfu panda but i think we'r gonna wait until it comes out on dvd. We'v seen ironman tho and it was awesome!

LadyJava said...

Stopping by to say hello dearie.. hope all is well ya :)