Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bowling with the boys..

It's bowling time!! I love to play bowling but I can count how many time I got a strike :p hehhehehe masuk longkang byk tak terkira laa...The last time we went for the game was about 5-6 months ago, so last night hubby and I decided to bring the boys to try the game (previously the just watch us playing). Luckily there were shoes that fit Danial's...or else he cannot play and he must be very difficult to handle when we were playing. We played 2 games.
Aiman quite good at controlling the ball..I mean for it to go straight on the lane..not into the 'longkang'..
But Danial, apart from the ball was quite heavy for him, it was slightly difficult to teach most of his balls went into the longkang.
Afiq was very good, he didn't make any sound even...may be because he was already sleepy when we started to play. We just let him walk around. Bak as usual love the game too...and he even went for a few bowling tournament before. After the 2 games everybody was so tired and was almost 10pm. The two boys were very excited and request to come again tomorrow! Errr...may be next next week when I'm on a long holiday. Pssst: Bak should we all get our own pair of bowling shoes and bowling balls??? :)

Mummy in action!

Before we went back..


LadyJava said...

Wah.. pose macam spiderman lah dia...hehe.. so cute

I pun suka bowling but dah lama tak main.. dulu simpan kuku panjang lagi and selalu patah after playing.. lol!!

deejay said...

where's Bak? ooopss...He was the one taking the pictures...

Farah Deen said...

Weh...gerun aku tgk gaya hang main!! PRO BEB!!!

Salt N Turmeric said...

Amboi siap nak beli kasut and ball. Glove jgn lupa nat oi. lol.

natrah said...

LJ, jom jom kita main 2-3 game..lepas gian..hehehhee

Hg jgn taktau..gaya kena ada..muahahhaaaa pin jatuh ke dak tu blkg kira...hehehehee

tu lah main pun 6 bulan sekali dok berangan nk bola dgn kasut...berangan je la tuuu