Sunday, May 4, 2008

KL 2 days 2 nights

Finally I'm able to find some times to on my lappy. You know about things to be done after we went for a holiday? unpacking, doing laundry, organising things back to the normal position and etc. That took me one and a half day! At the end I was so exhausted and again went to bed at The trip to KL this time, all I can say it was great and my kids love it.

We stayed at The Legend Hotel KL for 2 nights and its 2 bedroom service apartment was so spacious that Aiman and Danial could play hide and seek (there's one time that Aiman could not even find his brother..coz he hide in one of the 3

The next day on 1st May we went to Butterfly Park near Taman Tasik Perdana. My kids were very excited and the park not only have butterflies but a pond full of big Koi fish! However I expect the park would be bigger and I was a bit disappointed about it.Psssst: that butterfly on a palm...that's my palm OK :)

Had our lunch at TGi Fridays 1 utama but one thing I hate was traffic jam. Next time I will try not to come on public holiday. The traffic was congested and we spent half hour to find a parking space! Hubby used Touch n Go card at the entrance of the parking area but because of too many cars they channelled us to park at One World hotel parking area which doesn't have Touch n Go So we spent another 20 minutes finding an exit which using Touch n Go card. ALL Bagladeshi working there didn't give any help at all coz they hardly understand our question ..Grrrrrr!!!!!

Oh how should I put this...OK. My first blogging friend that I met....Yeay!!! Ladyjava as I fondly call her LJ. We met at Ampang Point at 8.30pm and the initial plan was the 3 of us,me LJ and Emila but Emila had something came up..she had to cancelled the meeting with us..takpe next time ye Emila :) Btw, LJ is a very bubbly lady and I had a great time chatting with her, just like her blog she is so warm that I don't even feel that was our first meeting..we chatted like old friends! I guess you guys will love her too if you meet her...quick make an appointment to meet her..hehehhehee


LadyJava said...

Yihaaaa Nat...looked like a fun filled time.. next time longer skit ok...

Eh I had fun meeting up too.. cantiklah gambar.. blur jer..lolzz

I also did a post.. you tak nampak ke?? hehehhe.. eh hantar I lah gambar yg clear ok...hehhe

Emila!! next time!!

Emila Yusof said...

La...blur juga gambar kat sini hehehe ni mesti LJ tak kasi letak yang clear. Takpe next time we meet ok! So sorry I couldn't make it the other day, dear!

KZue said...

Woahh bercuti kat KL masa kak long bercuti kat kg yer...isk iskk..eheheh. Butterfly tu sama dgn butterfly yg kak long pegang kat Cameron Highland arr :). Next time kita pulak jumpa, kalau sudi InsyaAllah.

Aleeya said...

syg la balik kampung, klo tak leh gak curi2 kaco jumpa nat he he, nak jumpa afiqqqqqqqq!!rindu le kat hero auntie tuhhhh mmmuuuahhhhhhhhh

awat gambo tu blur semacam je nat..he he

natrah said...

LJ, Yup I really enjoy chatting face to face dgn you...nnti you can come over at my new rented house and kita bley chat lama2 eh..

ya looo karang ada org tu kena pakai mask I buat blur lah..hihihi

baru sempat nk pi komen la LJ..I dah tgk tau.yup I've sent them :)
Yes..emila tungggu!

ha ha emila tau la LJ kan..kena jumpa face to face n tgk dia :)
next time ok?

Oh is it.?nama dia rajah something la butterfly tu and actually dia dah mati...sbb tu boleh pegang..LOL
nnti kita jumpa ek?I'll be in KL nnti tau

Tu la yaya nnti kita jumpa ek..afiq pun rindu kat aunty dia..hehheh:)

LadyJava said...

Nat, Natrah.. next time kalau kita jumpa.. semau pakai mask baru ambik gambar.. then tak yah blur2...lolzz!!!

Noushy Syah said...

You must be the taller one rite? Coz the rite one even blurred looked like you..hehhehe:)

Look like you both had a gr8 time.
BTW,Afiq look so adventurous crawling ..