Thursday, May 29, 2008

Unknown territory

This morning I asked hubby, why he looked a bit unhappy..and you know what did he replied to me..."I feel like I'm driving into an unknown territory". Oh my...he feels what I feel. We are very close (errr macam lah org lain husband and wife tak close kan...:P) but to the extend that we have breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper together (even on working days!) other words, I'm his best friend and vice versa. Thus, to be apart with a person who is very important to you...will make your life miserable. At least I know I'll be facing that the next few weeks..before I can adapt to the situation...but him? I hope he will be strong and take this as a next step in life to a better future. So hubby if you happen to read this...hang on ya :) Mummy will try to be at home every weekend and everything will be fine..OK OK better stop now...or else it will be raining..hehhehehhee
I'm actually packing my things up and will send them to my rented appartment today. I'm trying to get connected via Celcom broadband while I am in KL...however the modem I bought (globesurfer icon by vodafone) cannot support my Windows Vista...arkhhhhh.anybody can help me out? (geram lah to that salesman, tak bagitau yg modem tu tak support vista...nak tukar balik dia tak bagi...hishhh)


Natrah & Helmi said...

Sabarlah ek, belajar nie memang kena lalui macam2 dugaan dulu, tapi diakhir nanti pasti berbaloi:)

Wen said...

aiyoh, kesiannya...
if back on weekend sure he will slowly get used to it..

Salt & Turmeric said...

Nat, sedihlah pulak i. It must be hard when u have to be away fr ur other half esp since u have always be together. Be strong both of u ok?


natrah said...


InsyaAllah harap2 mcm tu lah...kena byk bersabar ni..huhuhu


thanks wen for ur concern...I surely will try to be back every weekend...

Thanks friend...tgh mengumpul semangat ni..utk facing the days ahead....doakan I dgn family ok ya...*hugs* :)

LadyJava said...

Oh dear.. sedih I dengar Nat.. I guess the impact of you leaving baru hit home eh.. hmm.. bersabar lah Mr Natrah.. your wife pegi menimba ilmu.. and I'm sure you're gonna come home weekly kan Nat to see him and the three heroes?

I doakan everything goes smoothly ya :)... hugss!

Hmm pasal modem tu. tak leh ke tukar with another one that works with your Vista??