Saturday, May 10, 2008

my friday

First of all I would like to thank my blogging friend who is always there for me when I need her..this morning when I checked my email, I found that LJ sent me a new header for me to try on...she is so sweet. Thanks my know my taste huh..btw, I really love the new LJ I owe you a lunch :). Guys do you like it??? Lets put our hand together to thank LJ
On Friday hubby and I went to Penang..we had a lot of things to do there. Here are the list :

1. First of all I wanted to get a new glasses. (ops! I am a myopic you know..but i hate wearing glasses however since the past few months I can't drive at night and also had frequent headache even when I was wearing my old I thought I need to get my eye checked again and get a new pair of glasses. Thus, I made up my hook or by crook I have to wear glasses daily and Farah suggest me to get it from Focus Point Queensbay Mall can get discount vouchers

I picked this frame because it comes with another 2 sets of and white..and of course because it fits my face perfectly.
2. To pick up the souvenirs for my staff which Farah help me to order them.

40 mugs printed "Thank you for Your Cooperation"...from me..hehhehee. Hope my all staff will like them...and a very Thank you to my helpful and kind hearted one else..FARAH! who took the hassle to place the order and even pick them up. So I took the mugs from her at her house. Thank you again...

3. To get a souvenir for my bos..:)

The books...I love them. The first one is titled ORCHID written by Pascal Descourvieres. The pictures were great and with its' hard cover it can be a very good coffee table book :). The second book is titled THE PLANETS A JOURNEY THROUGH A SOLAR SYSTEM.
Again I like this book for the pictures and the content. The 3rd book I bought 3 of them! Titled ONWARD &UPWARD Sayings to inspire and motivate. A very good small book and a good way to get inspired and motivated when you are down :)

4. Hubby wanted to get a bday present for me..Yippiiiiii

A SWATCH watch...LOve it LOve it Love it! It is actually a valentine collection for this year..It comes with a nice box and a key chain which you can put pictures in it...Thank you darling..

5. To get a wedding present for my schoolmate..I already passed it over to Farah so she can hand over to Ina Azmi my schoolmate who is going to get married on 24th of May..Congratulations Ina. May it be a happily ever after relationship :) I can't make it to her wedding because at that time I'll be in JB :(

5. I need a pair of black I got a decent pair of black shoes from Hush Puppies..again Thanks darling..hehheheee

With all that in my list we went to Penang at around 10am yesterday. Headed straight to Focus point because I need to get it done early so I can pick it up by evening. I really love my new glasses...and hopefully I wear this one daily not like my old one which I wore it whenever I wanted to watch TV Then had my lunch at Farah's house..her mum is a great cook. Thank you aunty..the asam pedas ikan pari was super duper delicious! She even packed them for me to bring back Now I know from where Farah got her very kind hearted gene...yup! from her mum! and I guess another half from her dad...they are just a great family :)
I stayed at her house till 6.30pm chit know when old friends meet..they have a lot to talk about.
Finally at 11pm I arrived home tired and flat.


LadyJava said...

Wah busy busy Friday eh Nat!! But good you got it all done in one day... so you decided to get something for you staff and your boss?.. you are such a great colleague!

I love your frames. Interchangeable temples you see?? wow ! and ready in one day! wow.. eh you degrees tak tinggi kot.. mine normally take at least 4 days :(

Eh, don't mention lah abt the header.. It was my pleasure.. like you see in my blog about the contest I'm holding..I'm on a high!!

So if there is anyone here that would like a new header.. come over to my blog ok :)

LadyJava said...

heheh...lupa nak comment pasal jam .. cantik... I like also :)

natrah said...


Hahhahhaaa I tak tido lg...
ya lah Lj I am here since 5 years they are like my I guess they deserve this lah..

yes I like it too..harap2 I pakai lah selalu
power my glasses eh?..the new one 300 on the right and 100 on the left with some astig

ya I've seen it at your's..bertuah I dpt free without have to take part in the contest :)

LadyJava said...

hheheh.. che ni.. satni esok sleepy tau..lolzzz

Oh.. a sweet token from a boss and a subordinate bila depa nak leave is always nice..kalau dulu I resign pun dapat hadiah.. my company kasi mont blanc pen!

oh.. peanuts jer your degrees.. no wonder you can go without your glasses.. but still dangerous tau.. you better start wearing them esp when you are in KL.. you need to be alert all the time ok...

heheh.. you and farah my friend mah... jadi sample!!!manalah tau macam farah kata boleh start!!

Noushy Syah said...

Wow your day was occupied with gr8 events! I could imagine when you and Farah meet up..surely lots and lots to talk,grin and laughing,rite? Best, best..

Lovely prezzie from hubby to a lovely wife,nice header from a lovely friend...looks nicer!

BTW Happy mother's day Nat,you are a gr8 mum yourself.Muahhss.Take care.

tiffany said...

what a great day to do all those shopping things rite..

i agree wt u sis, that header by LJ really great la...

cantikla ur new watch.. and i suppose that's also for the mother's day gift rite??? or did hubby buy u anything else for today ek??? hehe...

u know what sis, my power D= -6.25, S= -6.50.... but i hate to wear glasses, look nerdy in it... i am planning to go for laser treatment when i got back later... or otherwise i've to start wearing glasses full time again... huhu...

Wen said...

nice!!! ur choo choo trains!

natrah said...


I tak bg lagi the present kat my bos..hehhehee tunggu last day baru touching sikit..hihi

yup this time I'll wear this glasses everytime and everywhere :)

hah definitely doing it as a business is good...hmmm LJ is going to be richer..yeay!

You are right,I jumpa farah...havoc lah jd...heheee
tq friend for a mother's day too is going to be a great mum :)

shopping is heaven kan?hehehee
yeay!my new header is really catching ..tq to LJ!
you can get that kind of watch too nnti..hmmm it can be a mother's day gift hubby ckp it's for my bday only...lolz..dia nk beli hadia lain ke?heheee jgn harap!


credit to LJ.