Monday, April 7, 2008

Presents for birthday girls

Yesterday was Daryn's Birthday (Farah's daughter)..It was celebrated at Berjaya Hotel Penang. My family and I went there too and guess what we got for her and her aunty?? (oh, actually 3rd April was Daryn's aunty, Finaz.. bday) we bought 2 presents...

The presents...a teddy bear and The Body Shop gift..

I personally picked the teddy bear..It was a very soft and cute and definitely hugable..I hope that Daryn will like it...To Daryn, don't play with the your bro's aeroplane girl..tak best, play with this teddy OK? :). To be frank, this is the first time I got a teddy bear for a birthday boys don't even want to hold the soft toys. They usually kick them like a ball or put it as a I was so excited when I bought this...hhehehehhe

The gift for Finaz..I got her a Passion fruit bath, passion fruit soap and a lip gloss...Psssst: Finaz, I picked this for the smell and colour, I don't know whether they suit you..hope you enjoy using them anyway..

My kids Aiman and Danial love this...a sea view..

But I hate this....traffic jam!

Actually we arrived there at the party 2 hours late! Thanks to the traffic jam over the Penang bridge!! Huh Geram...but luckily there were still a few other guest...hehhehehe takde la malu sgt sampai lambat. Anyway I would like to thank Farah for inviting me to the kids love it..and they already remember Syabil and Sania! Aiman went "mak ni nak pi birthday adik yang mai rumah kita masa bday Aiman tu"..I smiled and replied "ya, yang cakap english dengan Aiman tu"...hehhehehehe and we both smile.


Farah Deen said...


I totally love my gifts! you are such a great and thoughtful friend la...terharu gitu! LOL Memang my body shower selalu pakai body shop and passion fruit is one of my fav! SO, you totally got me the perfect gift and the perfect smell too! :)

Eh, btw, My birthday 3rd April la, bukan 3rd March.

lawak baca your sons kick teddy bears mcm bola...muahahahah lawak gila! Syabil suka WInnie and Tigger, yg lain lain dia bagi kat Daryn. Oh yes, your teddy was the cutest and softest! Daryn loved it!

Glad you made it, walaupun Penang Bridge jam mcm gila kan semalam. Tu la Syabil demand kat EQ pulak...botak mummy and daddy dia! hahahahaha

Nat, Farah bukan bangkit tidoq lagi, dia pun pengsan tak sedaq diri tu!

Thanks again Nat!


Aleeya said...

jem memang menyakitkan hati hehehe

cute teddy bear yg nat belikan tu ekk..nasib anak nat semua boys, klo dak harus berebut diorg nak juga hehe, damia klo nampak tu harus dia muncung mulut dulu..then bulatkan mata dia fokus kat bear tu..pastu terus pelok bear hehhee

Farah Deen said...

NAT...gebuuuuuuuu banget bear tuh....cute pulak bila aku yang peluk ..muahahhahahahahahahahaha.Weii, cepat la bagi afiq sister, baru leh main teddy!anyway, thanks for coming...walaupon yang terakhir...namun masih kesampaian! hihihihihihi

p/s- voltaren tu berguna betoi untuk kaki aku! thanks to nat and saiful!

LadyJava said...

Wah traffic jam.. Me no like!! But syiok lah tengok si birthday party nyer Daryn.. so meriah kan?? Sure you all enjoy sakan..

And the gifts are wonderful and so thoughtful of you to get one for the other birthday girl as well..ehehe.. terharu dia kan finaz??

tiffany said...

boys are always naughty, they just don't know how to express the appreciation towards small things, all they love is just to kick anything, n thro wit away.. but this is their nature kan...

psst.... awat aiman semangat sangat tu kak... siap smile2 lagi.. mesti aiman terjatuh hati kat daryn ni... hehe, my lil boy ni kan..

natrah said...


I'm glad that you like the gift..but the smell very nice kan??

Alamakkkkkk silapppp....btw, I've edited it.

Ha tu lah..I never buy them a teddy pun, their aunty gave them a bag of soft toys including few teddies a year ago..last2 semua jadi sah I won't buy a teddy for them

So clever la Syabil..demand kat EQ tu..huh bestnye nxt yr boleh berparty kat EQ (Farah...pi himpun duit lekaihhhh!!)

hahhahhaaa tired gila lah tu just like me ..hehhehe

natrah said...


syok la dpt bagi teddy bear kat girl..nnti kalau jumpa Damia I bg kat dia pulak ye....

natrah said...

pelok jgn tak pelok..hang jgn letak air lioq basi dah la tang teddy Sania tu :)

I had a great time there at the party friend..

pssst:just make sure you take it with food ya...

natrah said...

yes it was a grand party...and everybody love it.

I guess it is better to appreciate others more coz you'll feel the satisfaction...puas hati dpt bg org suka kan?

natrah said...

boys are always lasak...they only like things like balls and etc..soft2 toys ni..jgn harap lah with my boys..

errr I didn't get you...kat mana ek yg aiman smile2 tu? :)

tiffany said...

hekhek, kat last sentence kot.... it's ok, i got it wrong i'm sure... hehe.. mane bole kid nak jatuh2 hati kan...