Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I am going to be very busy the next few weeks until I take my remaining leave may be end of May. The reason..ISO audit is coming (12-14 May), as one of the top management I have to make sure everything is ready before that. Last night we had our dinner outside and after came back from dinner everybody was so tired even me and hubby slept early. So this morning I wake up very early at 4.30 am, doing laundry,mopping the floor and even cooking! (Wah,tu datang mood rajin la tu:) so now at 5.58am I'm here in front of my Blazing Red to bloghop and doing this post.To all my dear friends and readers, I will try to visit you whenever I have the time...hope everything is OK over there.Ops! about my master's, I made up mind and with hubby and my other family members strong support....I WILL GO FOR IT!!! Yes, this is final and I hope that I make a right decision.Thanks for all your comments and encouragement..I appreciate it. Anyway I'm now thinking about this blog...how it is going to be if I go for my master's?Hubby is a bit reluctant to continue maintaining it..I'm sure I cannot blog about my kids anymore coz they are going to be 400km from me and I only have the chance to see them every weekend perhaps...Oh,should I just terminate this blog? but I love it and it is more or less like my diary..and writing about my kids and family makes me feel happy..I will try to persuade hubby to continue this at least I will know what is going on at home...gonna stop writing about this my eyes full of tears already :) OK guys have a nice day!


LadyJava said...

Alahhh Nat. you're making cry as well.. but I know you are making the right decision and it best for everyone :)... Eh continue lah blogging.. if not abt your kids then about you.. abt your activities as a student again.. you know things like that.. and extra income is always good kan?? hint hint!!

And your hubby can always email you pictures of your kids for you to post here as well.. you just relate from third party view lahh...I think it is possible but totally up to you though I'm going to miss your blog if you terminate it... lah...

Mrs.Zack said...


tahniah dari saya coz dpt sambung belajar. U boleh teruskan blog nie kami semua suka baca catatan matrah.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Nat, good to hear tht ur going for it! abt the blog, well, besides being a diary, it can also be ur platform untuk melepaskan geram. manalah tau, nanti ada mangkuk2 yg menyakitkan hati, boleh lepaskan geram kat sini. hehe. my 2 cents lah.

Noushy Syah said...

Congratz again Nat..yeap go for it!
Some people(family) are even doing it abroad...:)

Blogging, not to worry about it..after all it's FOC to blog,you can update anytime at your own pace,even if you can't,don't close it yea, besides it's nice to hear about your activities as student then..:)

Wishing you all the best with your undertakings.Take Care my dear.