Tuesday, April 22, 2008

10 Reasons why I blog...

Again I'm doing a tag and this time I was tagged by Noushy..I guess I've wrote something about this in January..but Ilove to write it again because it also reminds me of...The reasons why I blog:

1. I'm a very busy mum with 3 boys and have to juggle between carrier and family (and I have no maid at home ok?) so most of the time I tend to forget about the small things that happens in my life,for instance..Aiman's first day at kindy, the day Danial started to walk, my family fine dining and etc..but since I started my blog, I become more appreciate things that happened and I have a place where I can write about them and be remembered by my family either now or in the future

2. I started to learn about photo editing, web hosting, html code and etc since I started to blog..so I guess this is the best way for me to learn them

3.Whatever I write in my blog, my parents, siblings and friends can read about it and find out what is going on..so that is a good way to communicate..they usually will give me a call or text me after they read about something in my blog

4.I found a lot of great blogging buddies..really appreciate that and I will continue to blog to make more friends all over the world

5.With a new blazing red Sony Vaio I guess my blogging world is irresistible

6. I can make money online too :) Although it is just a small income but it is enough for me to spend on ebay..hahahhahahhaaa

7.I love to blog hop..reading about others life experiences and thoughts lifted my spirit

8.blogging makes me happy and it is place where I would hide myself from my daily clinical works when I'm feeling down

9.I got my sony cybershot and wireless stremyx when I started to blog which i don't think I'll get them if I don't start to blog..ermmm I'm thinking of what else do I have to get next??(Hubby jeling dah..hahahhhaaa)

10. Blogging has become my hobby :)

Yeay! That's all I can think for now...whatever it is I LOVE BLOGGING :)

psssst: thanks noushy for tagging me with this...I will always refer to this post whenever I feel I have no more mood to blog..hehhehhehehee

Ops! Notice all green?? Yes in conjunction with Earth Day today...GO GREEN GUYS :)


Noushy Syah said...

yeyyy..all green!! Beside, I love green too..so soothing and lovely.

Thanks Nat..now I know better why you're blogging...keep it up!

p/s Glad that although you have to jiggle around,still you manage the time well!!

p/p/s Hubby jeling2 sayang tuh..lolz!

LadyJava said...

WOW.. blogging is fun kan Nat.. I know I use blogging to jot down daily happenings too. I used to keep a diary but now blogging though I guess tak leh lahh terlalu personal kan.. sat ni org kata emotional sgt pulak..lolzz!!

Anyway keep blogging tau... even when you do you master coz sure will miss you if you stop :(

Happy Earth Day!!!

Aleeya said...

he he he..10 tu..byk gak sebabnye ekk.. blogging sbb nak bagi damia baca kisah dia..dari dia dlm perut hinggalah dia kuar, biar damia baca citer dia masa dia baby hehehhee

tiffany said...

those are concrete reasons to hook with blogging kan... i am so gonna write my reasons why am i blogging, yet am still waiting for the 1st bithday of my blog... hehe..