Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lets join this..

I remember a tag by Noushy for me (which I have not done yet...later ya Noushy :)hhehehhe )...and it's about the reason why I blog and I think one of the reason is, I have the opportunity to meet new friends in this cyber world. Today guess what I found?..a website join 3gb community where you can meet new friends and old friends also you can upload your photos and share it with your friends. Apart from that you can also join groups, blogs and chat with other members and hear last mp3 hits! Isn't it cool?? I found that, by joining things like that I can forget some of the problems at work! I also learn a lot about this cyber world since I started to blog. Even now my hubby is left behind regarding this cyber world you know..Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell him OK? Haahahahaha sorry dear :)
So what are you waiting for guys? See you there..


Aleeya said...

ye la nat, kita dpt peluang kenal kwn baru..n ada kalanye yaya tejumpa kwn lama..juga dlm dunia blogging ni..:))

natrah said...

betul tu aleeya..i got to know you right?lagi satu sbb i rasa mcm dpt lari sekejap from my routine work..tgk org sakit je the whole day...buat i sakit too.

tp aleeya yg tak bestnya tu i mcm dah addicted..sehari tak buka blog tak senang duduk :(
ada ubat tak eh?

LadyJava said...

And me knowing!!!

natrah said...


me lucky to be your friend..