Saturday, February 9, 2008

Planning for Aiman's Birthday Party

I'm following the step by step instruction given in planning a dinner party for 50...

1. Step One
Choose a date for your event. If you plan to honor any special guests - or there are guests on your list whose presence you particularly desire - make sure the date is convenient for them.

Aiman's birthday is on 12th February 2002..but this year we are going to hold a party on 14th of February...because it is easier for our guest to come since the next day is a holiday here. After all my hubby and me also can have a rest the next day..or else we have to take our annual leave. I don't think we have a particularly desired guest...all our guest are desired.

2. Step Two
Evaluate your space. Be sure you have enough table space and chairs in your home or reserve a space for the party elsewhere. If you have the party somewhere else, decide how you will provide the food (catered, picnic-style, using a rented hall's kitchen, and so on).

We are going to have it at home..specifically at the car porch but the guest are free to choose whether to sit outside or inside the house..About the table and chairs...we already have it(because the last Hari Raya we had an open house done and the the owner of those tables and chairs has not taken it back yet..LOL so we are going to use it for the 2nd time..

3. Step Three
Decide on your budget. Large dinner parties needn't be expensive: with a little ingenuity you can make a meal for very little money. Make your own decorations instead of ordering expensive flowers. Consider a potluck, a picnic, or other alternatives to a sit-down dinner.
This time it is not going to be a large guest is around 50..last raya open house almost 200 guest!

4 . Step Four
Choose a theme or plan table centerpieces and a color scheme.
We have no specific theme..

5 . Step Five
Make sure you have enough place settings, serving bowls and platters, serving utensils and other needed items. Borrow or rent these items if necessary.

We are going to buy paper plates only...

6. Step Six
Extend invitations, either by phone or written invitation. Give clear RSVP instructions.
Up till now I've invited few people already, Aiman's friends and their family will be invited by invitation card which I haven't buy yet...hehheehh

7 . Step Seven
Finalize your guest list by following up on guests who do not RSVP
I cannot do this until I've invited all of them...

8 .Step Eight
Make all the arrangements for any space rental, entertainment (such as a band or DJ), catering, other hired help (such as cleanup staff), photographer, flowers, or other large expenses and commitments at least two weeks before the event.

I think this step is the only thing applicable...anyway I'm going to settle it by Tuesday coz a few dish I need somebody to help me in the cooking process..not really a caterer.

9. Step Nine
Prepare a timetable for all other tasks, leaving as little as possible for the day of the event. Include space in your timetable for things that might go wrong.

I have my own timetable and I hope everything will be following that smoothly.

10. Step Ten
If you're cooking, plan each dish and make an appropriate shopping list.
This is the most important step I guess because I'm going to cook 95% of the dish...and I'm going for a shopping on Tuesday at Tesco.

After I did this, I realise that a few things need urgent finding an invitation cards and meeting with my caterer (helper actually)..ok I'll try my best to do it tomorrow..and settle everything according to what David Tutera said...To organise a party..95% of the time should be spent on planning and only 5% on the day itself....Hmmmmmm


Farah Deen said...

nat, i think its too technical if u r going thru the 'party guides' strictly! LOL i think, most of all, theme is important. it sets the mood of the party. anyway, is this the first time u r having a birthday party for aiman? caterers tu- you,your mom and k.siti kan? kena pakai topi chef ni! ahahahhahaha

david tutera is THE MAN for parties. and the budget he has for his parties are huge too. i have not seen anyone here having such grand parties so far here.

anyway, orang Baling seronok nak party khamis ni! yehaaaaa!!!!

see u soon!

LadyJava said...

Sounds like a party planning is taking place already Nat. I love planning parties and wished I could be there to help.. Nevermind.. I'm sure you'll organise a great one.. after all you are already on the right track. My first suggestion is get that invitation out... Guest are important, without them no party lahh...hehehe..!! Good Luck dearie!!

natrah said... kat kampung ni hg nk suruh aku boh theme apa?...hehehe suruh depa mai pakai baju kelawaq bleh la...haahhah.Don't worry I've been organizing majlis kenduri kecik2 about 100 ppl few times this time around I hope it's going on smoothly like before about my helper staff kat ofis dia nk tolong kukus and marinate the things untuk bbq and buat some dessert..
of course my party is waaaaaay lower budget than David tutera lah...nk amik David tutera nnti bila aku buat kenuri kawen aiman..Muahahahaahaha

natrah said...

You are just like party planning...I even watch Party planner with david tutera almost everyday at 5pm..but of course like what farah said his budget is huge....tak mungkin dapat buat mcm tu...
yes u are right..I have to pass the invitation card on this coming monday (kat kindergarten aiman)nk bg this weekend I don't know where they live pun...hehheheh..ok thanks for your concern..

LadyJava said...

Have fun Nat!!

Noushy Syah said...

NAT..hehhehe,You are awesome, coz you plan and do everything, of coz with the help from your staff as time bole plan for my hen night eh? lallalalla...

I'm sure the party for Aiman would be fine and memorable for him and you as well.Especially Farah will be there to help in cooking kan kan* eh eh why Farah bulatkan mata dia yea?

All the best Nat.Aiman must be excited by now..

natrah said...

Noushy..can..I can help..even LJ pun suka nk tolong..kan LJ kan?just tell us bila u nk buat..heheheh.
Farah mmg nk mai tlg masak...dia masak cream puff lagi...kan farah kan?hehhehehhehh
I hope everything will go on smoothly and will be a memorable ones for us..

Farah Deen said...

Nat, kenduri kawin aiman kita buat kat hotel la, takmo kat kampung baling tu! hahahahah ok? takpun Nat, hang buat 3 sekali!

hahaha me help cooking ka? like u said Nat, specialisation in cream puffs! muahahahahhahaah

natrah said...

Farah..tamo buat kat hotel lah..satgi sepupu sepapat aku nk mai payah nk dok naik lif plak p ballroom...ada yg sesat pulak nnti.
Cream puff jgn lupa nooo

Noushy Syah said...

YOOO..No wonder farah bulatkan mata dia!! tehehehhe...That's why I love watching you guys, mommy mmg rock!

Married life must be wonderful rite! seriously..I mean it.Nak tawennn!!

Nat kindly accept this yea:


Hannan said...

that's a good idea..
finally, david tutera does make a sense in our life :P
i love his show too..
anyway, I wish u all the best DR!

tiffany said...

aiman is very lucky to have a loving caring mom like u.... if he could understand all ur effort to make this party a big success, he must be extremely proud and thankful to u...

nway, shieda 100% agree wt farah deen.... on top of everything, theme plays most important role in a party... maybe fusion glamour is too much since aiman still a kid, but maybe u can try "funny bunny", or anything and don't forget to tell them the dress code.... must be kinky and funny bunny thou...

natrah said...

Noushy:Thank you very much for the Farah said it needs lovable people to make others feel lovable..and you are the one..
you are right Noushy..married world is wonderful..with your love one,kids and etc..then cepat la tawen...bley join me and Farah..hehhheheh

natrah said...

hannan:thanks ..hopefully everything is going on smoothly..if u n shieda could come..I'm very2 happy..tak pe next year punya datang ek...

natrah said...

Shieda...I would love to hv a theme for the party but kat sini susah nnti when I tell their mum to dress them in a specific theme..tak dtg plak diorang..kat kampung susah sikit.but I hv an idea of giving them spiderman and ultraman it ok?hopefully my budget allows that..heehhehe

Betul shieda... ni kalau aiman tak ingt kat mak dia bila dia besar nnti mmg nk kena lah,bday pun dh teruk planning camni..esok nk kawen laaaaaagi lah teruk but u 'll whatever because your love to them...hehhehe