Thursday, February 7, 2008

How to lose your weight...

Are you trying to lose some pounds?..If so you should read this entry because I'll try to highlight some of the key points which you should pay more attention on while you are in the journey to have a lean and trim shape.
First of all how do you know you are overweight or obese? BMI should be used to know where you stand and it also use to estimate relative risk for disease compared to normal weight. Anyway,do you know how to calculate your BMI? Well I guess most of us know..and for those who still unsure how to do that now take your pen please..Metric BMI Formula.

weight in kilograms
BMI = ————————————
height in meters²

Classification BMI Risk of co morbidity/disease
Underweight <18.5>
Normal range 18.5-22.9 increasing
Overweight: >23 increased
Pre-obese 23-27.4 high
Obese I 27.5-34.9 very high
Obese II 35.0-39.9 extremely high
Obese III >40.0 " "

The global burden of overweight (Body Mass Index (BMI) ≥23.0 kg/m2) and obesity (BMI ≥ 27.0kg/m2) is estimated at more than 1.1 billion! Obesity has so many complications such as this list:
Type 2 diabetes mellitus
Hepatobiliary disease(Gallstone and Fatty Liver )
Metabolic syndrome
Sleep apnoea
Coronary heart disease
Cerebrovascular Disease
Cardiac failure
Left Ventricular Hypertrophy
Osteoarthritis (knees and hips)
Hyperuricaemia and Gout
Cancer (breast endometrial colorectal,liver, prostate, gallbladder)
Reproductive hormone abnormalities
Polycystic ovarian syndrome
Impaired fertility (Anovulation,reduced testosterone levels)
Low back pain
Increased anaesthetic risk
Foetal defects associated with maternal obesity

So this is the right time to lose some extra pounds!

I know somebody may say that it is not easy to lose weight...yes you are absolutely right. In management of obesity, the general goals are:-
• Achieve weight loss
• Maintain lower body weight
• Prevent further weight gain
• Treat comorbidities / underlying causes

..and it should be an overall approach which includes lifestyle changes (Diet, Physical activity, Behaviour therapy), Anti-Obesity Drug,Very-Low-Calorie-Diet.

I can give you a good example...My beloved husband! He lost 6 kg in 6 month..It is not easy for him to lose such needs determination, courage and hard work! and of course some money...Talking about anti-obesity drug..he took a few types. However he didn't take it on a daily basis..for example Xenical, he only take it when he plans to eat oily food. A carbo blocker which I have a pic here, he take it only if he take large amount of carb. What am I trying to highlight here is that...please don't be dependent too much on medication. The large bulk should be on physical activity, diet and eating behaviour..Hubby has his skipping rope, dumbell, ankle weights and etc...he is also very particular about what he eats..he also didn't take large meal after 7pm..and what I can say is that...hard work pays! So guys out there if you plan to lose some can read here..a Clinical Practice Guidelines on Management of Obesity. Good Luck...and remember.. to lose weight is not only for cosmetic reason but also health.


Hafifi said...

i joined california fitness tuk jaga berat dan badan..ok x?

LadyJava said...

Wah. what a great post Natrah..I kan actually don't need to lose weight although i don't mine losing one or two kilos but I do need to tone down and eliminate all this fat in my body... and I hate exercise... any suggestion??

natrah said...

hafifi:that is great hafifi...kat sini takde fitness centre so my hubby just do it on his own.I guess kat finess centre tu diorang ada trainer gak kan..even if you are in good health and your BMI still in normal hv to do exercise..exercise is to maintain ur least 3x seminggu and 30 minit setiap sessi...yes keep it up hafifi.

natrah said...

You are right LJ..kadang2 BMI already in normal range but ada area that we want the fat to be mean any form of exercise ke yg u tak suka?sometimes org tak suka yg jogging,cycling dan yg sewaktu dgn about aerobic,yoga,pilates and etc? for me I do aerobic sometimes at home(I ada CD cindy crowford punya aerobic tu) and kat sini ada kelas pocho u know that?It's a form of dancing I rasa but good if you try...other than that may be you can do specific exercise for specific abs training,kigel exercise but mind you that if your overall total fat in the body does not reduce it is unlikely that the fat at the specific area will be eliminates..ok hopefully that helps..

Mrs. Sheikh said...

i pun nak kurus tp minggu pertama je rajin pastu malas balik...

Noushy Syah said...

yeh yeh..gr8 posting Nat!

I need to put more on weight as my BMI is at border line but regardless, how to put on weight healthily?

Tak mau put on weight due to fat..I mean I wanna earn extra kgs at least 4-5kgs healthily, and look more curvaceous..yeowww,GRRRR!!LOL.

natrah said...

Mrs.Sheikh..kebanyakan org mmg camtu...kena kuatkan semangat dan remind urself the reason why you want to lose weight..selalunya kalau sbb cosmetic je jarang dpt hubby sbb dia think of future health problem yg akan dia hadapi kalau tak kuruskan badan..tu yg dpt sustain..all the best ya..

natrah said...

Noushy..I guess the best way is first to find out why are u not gaining weight despite trying to..(coz some medical prob may lead you to lose weight e.g hyperthyroidism)..if everything is ok,then i think you should take 60-70% of carb in your meal,10-15% protein and food with higher calories...apart from that you may try to avoid drinks an hour before and after you heavy meal...last but not least still regular exercise...good luck my dear friend..hope you'll be more curvaceous..hmmm bebaik nnti Syahyang pulak tak lena tidur mlm...risau..Muahahahah

LadyJava said...

I hate all form of exercise lah Natrah!lol.. in school dulu i was always using cramps as an excuse to get out of PE! Really got to check out this Kigel thingy...but thanks for the suggestion dearie... will seriously consider it :)

Farah Deen said...

topik sensitive! takmo comment! muahahhahaha

natrah said...

farah...aku dah agak :)

natrah said...

LJ..kegel is good especially to strengthen ur pubic floor muscles..good after bersalin..

Noushy Syah said...

NAT..Thanks a lot..I think I got it.You know my I eat regularly 3-5/day but I guess carb intake is always lesser than protein and the far I'm a healthy person, Thank God for that but my weight seems static for a long long time.

I guess the style of cooking plays significant effect too.

p/s Actually Syahyang said I would look more appealing if gain extra kgs...LOL.

THanks Nat.Best dpt free consultation nih...*wink wink*

natrah said... start stacking up ur pantry/fridge with carb and calory high food...hopefully u'll gain ur ideal weight before ur big day..heheheehe mesti syiok ur Syahyang tu..