Wednesday, February 20, 2008 to your boss!

Every job in this world has its own stress but working for over demanding or unfair boss is almost unbearable working environment. Yes, you don't have to like your boss but you need to be able to communicate and co-operate with your boss in order to perform an effective and efficient job.

I've been working at my current position and workplace since the past 5 years..not to say that I don't like my boss ( but sometimes I do...Muahahahaha).. but I heard some of my colleagues and staff talking about how they were treated unfairly by my boss..which at the end when I think back..I found that my boss has her own reasons for her actions and my other colleagues also have their's.

Human is still human.. right.?They can never be perfect..and of course sometimes you make mistakes. Most of the time you didn't realise that you have hurt other's feelings..or created an uncomfortable feelings.What we need sometimes is just a better communications between the two. If you don't like his/her actions..just go ahead and discuss about your opinion and try to find a better solution which satisfies both sides.


Noushy Syah said...


I do agree precisely on having a good communication be it at workplace,friends or the loved ones.

Good communication always helps in most scenario but in order to be loud and open we ought to have skills on well communicating. Poor communication always result in more frustration rather than good since the other side might take it wrongly....

p/s How's Afiq? Hope he's doing good yea.

natrah said...

You are absolutely right..poor communications will sometimes result in worsening the situation..
Moral of the story...attend a communication skill course!..hehehhehe

p/s: Afiq is active and well..we just wait for another 2 weeks before I weigh him again..jeng jeng jeng...suspense nih..

LadyJava said...

I totally agree with you Nat.. Fortunately for me.. I've always gotten along with my bosses....and not much misunderstanding.. in fact... i am still in contact with them via I actually miss working..

natrah said...

Wow! that's great still keep in touch with them? You must be a very good worker then..
Me?..sometimes I do agree with my boss but there are times where I totally disagree..usually I'll voice out my opinion but you know working in a gov will not hv the chance to be promoted kalau selalu tak setuju dgn boss..Muahahahhaa that's the reason I'm still here?..Hmmmm I guess so.. :)

LadyJava said...

yeap.. still contact them and send them birthday card and stuff and whenever I go back to SG.. I will try to visit them lahh..if my mom let

I'm sure you are a good worker too. Differences in opinion always happens... that's normal... kalau tak der tu yg tak normal..lolzzz

Noushy Syah said...

AFiq must be so active rite? And I supposed he feeds well too..yehhh,will wait for the wt.Hopefully improving.

natrah said...

LJ..I think you must have that PA personality in you..if a person like me being a PA...pening boss!

natrah said...


yes afiq is active and hv a good appetite too...his 600g milk powder he can finished it in 5 days! I don't know whether my maid really feeds him or she throw the milk

Don't worry I'll surely update about his wt..doakan sama ya..