Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Lunch at TGI Friday's

It has been quite some time we didn't bring our kids for a nice lunch out. This weekend we decided to take them to Queensbay Mall Penang for a took about 1 hour to reach there. We left home at 11am and at that time everybody felt so sleepy (My kids are always like that..when they got into the car they started to feel sleepy)

Danial with his sleepy face..

Afiq quietly sat in his carseat

This time around we planned to have it at TGI Friday's..enjoy the photos guys!

Luckily there were some kids puzzle to be they won't feel restless before the meals were served..see, aiman is holding a pen.


We were busy attending to the kids and no time to snap a pic..LOL.
Anyway, here is our dessert ..Cookies and cream! Btw, we had barbecued beef ribs, some smoked chicken with brown rice, chicken wings and two kiddies meal..So full!

Before we stepped out of the restaurant, Aiman and Danial were given the balloons by the waitress..2 each! They were very happy and enjoyed their lunch.

After the lunch we went to Borders..because both hubby and me love this bookstore. Danial and Aiman were very excited too because they can pick up any book at children section, sit and browsed through the book..After spending about 1 hour in the bookstore we went back home. Although the lunch trip was quite tiring but everybody was happy :)


tiffany said...

it must be great spending sum time at TGI Friday... sib baik2 tetiga heroes tu behave kan.... lau tak, sakit la akak nak layan...

natrah said...

Ya lah shieda..sib beik depa ok..cuma Danial buat perangai jugak bila dia dh penat jalan..buat dono jer lah..

LadyJava said...

Family time is always the best time.. no matter how tired to feel afterwards... heheh.. gambaq dessert jer sempat ambik lehh... but it looks delish lahh.. ish buat I lapaq pulak...lolzz..