Friday, February 15, 2008

Aiman's birthday party...

Aiman's birthday is actually on 12th February...however this year we have to make it on 14th February..the reason is simple, 14th February 2008 falls on Thursday and the next day is hubby and me can get some times to rest on friday before we (hubby) start to work on Saturday...

Thursday 14th February 2008
Morning :
-I went to the market to buy chickens, prawns and vegetables..sent the chickens to my helper's house to be marinated.
-Went home and prepared dessert for the party (Lychee Puddings)

-Took back the chickens
-went to the bakery to pick up birthday cake
-last minute shopping for snacks

-Started to grill the chicken, prawns and squids.
-Fried the noodles and rice (fried noodles and fried rice)
-Started to arrange the tables and chairs

The party started..ops before I forget..we actually forgot to take pictures during the party because we were very busy entertaining our guest!..until the time Aiman blowed the candles..LOL...

Aiman was very excited because he knew that his friends will come to his house..and when his first guest arrived, he ran inside! (malu konon..LOLz).We could see happiness in his eyes and it is priceless.

The birthday cake..

Make your wish my dear

birthday boy with his presents

The musical chair game

Finally a birthday boy "collapsed" on a sofa...very tired!

....and his parents too...


LadyJava said...

Hiya Natrah! I'm sure you guys had a wonderful time at the party. Being host and hostess ain't easy. The cake looked great and yummy lahh..and Aiman looked very happy as well.. sampai senget2 potong cake..lolzz..

Wah banyak present gak eh.. best!!!

Noushy Syah said...

hahahaha..look like he had agr8 time! The cake definitely look yummilicious...

Aiman must be so tired until collapsed on the sofa and I'm sure so did with mummy!!;)

Another gift for you Nat:

Have a gr8 w/end.Take care yea.

natrah said...

Dear Noushy,

Aiman was very excited..and happy to see all his friends came to the party.
The cake was was a 2kg moist choc cake..

yes Noushy..after the party that day..I slept at 9pm!Very tired and had a painful legs..because I stand all the way during the party...LOL..

thanks Noushy for the award..thanks because you recognized my effort in this cyber world..that's an encouragement for me..TQ again.