Thursday, February 28, 2008

All down with URTI :(

I've been quite busy since the start of this week, with clinic sessions and also few paperworks. On Tuesday Aiman started to feel unwell. He had left periorbital swelling (swelling around his eye) most probably due to allergic reaction but we still cannot find the cause. We gave him some antihistamines and he then 'knockout'! and the swelling gradually subsided. Later that day he started having blocked nose and cough. His condition worsen at night with high fever and cough with a lot of phlegm. Yesterday he did not go to the school coz he felt very lethargic..and then, the second victim Afiq started to experience the symptoms. High grade fever, runny nose, poor feeding..Oh dear! I'm worry about his weight too..because in an infant if he/her feeds poorly only for a day you'll see the effect drastically. We just gave him antipyretic to tackle down the fever and we have not yet start him on any antibiotic since his symptoms look like of a virus in origin. Danial also experienced the same symptoms minus the fever (lucky for him).Then, my hubby started to have cough..but not too bad just like mine. A little throat discomfort and mild bodyache. We are all down with URTI ! A very common infection.

Today everybody is in a recovery period...Aiman still having cough, Danial too and Afiq still left with mild runny and hubby are much better compared to 2 days ago. Hopefully by this Saturday everything will go off..Amin.


LadyJava said...

Wow! Poor you and your family. Being sick is no fun especially if the whole family is down with it.

Take care ya and I hope the medication you are taking will help you through this uncomfortable period..

I doakan you sekeluarga cepat sembuh ya...:)

Farah Deen said...

GET WELL all in the family! :)

natrah said...

yes it is very tiring...dgn kita pun sakit..anak2 pun nk more attention..huh mmg challenging lah


natrah said...


TQ VERY MUCH...psssst: cepat baik cepat bley pi pg!!! hehehhhee (x sedaq diri lagi ni..)

Noushy Syah said...

Agh too bad,the whole family unwell..wish all of you get well soon yea.

Esspecially Afiq...hopefully his feeding is OK..

Take care Nat.

natrah said...

thanks for the well wishes..Hopefully all these penyakit will be away by tomorrow hehehhe