Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday in Sabah..

Do you think a vacation is a must for every family? For me...definitely yes! but it depends on your financial budget :) The most important thing is the quality time spend together and it is a bonus if it is spent at a nice vacation places. My kids love to go for a holiday especially when we stay at a nice hotel..I guess everybody does ;)
I've planned for this year end vacation about 2 months ago after I read someone's blog and saw a very nice pics of a few interesting places in Sabah. Luckily hubby agreed with my we went to Sabah on 26th November 2008. We stayed at Le Meridien Hotel and I think that's the right decision. It is a nice hotel and very convenient because everything is within walking mall, ATM, the famous Filipino market, the jetty to Tunku Abdul rahman Park and seafood restaurant! Yummm.....Oh I should mention here...a staff at concierge counter at Le Meridien Hotel named Ash...he is very helpful and even give us his handphone number for us to contact him if we cannot find a way to Kinabalu Park. Thank you Ash :)
On our first night there, we were recommended a famous seafood restaurant at Bukit Padang...but for me it was a bit expensive. RM280 for a dinner (2 adults and 2 children)is expensive right? Do you think so? Or I'm stingy??hhahahhaaaaa..the food was OK but not up to my expectation :P and we went there by taxi which cost us RM40 return. Whatever it was,we slept that night with a very full stomach :)
The second day in KK we rent a car which cost us RM170 and went to kinabalu Park, Kundasang, Ranau, Poring Hotspring and Sabah Tea Plantation. It is better to rent a car to go there because I was told that if you go by taxi they want RM300 for a day trip!
We were not so lucky because the tip of Kinabalu mountain was covered by mist when we got there :(
We didn't explore much of Kinabalu National Park..just took few pics and went up to Kundasang and Ranau for lunch. Guess what we had for our lunch that day? KFC! As me and Aiman a bit fussy about what and where we eat, hubby suggested to have lunch at KFC. Unfortunately, the water supply to the town of Ranau was cut off at that time and no air condition in KFC, we decided to have our KFC in the car :)
Kundasang is a very nice mountainous small town with a lot of fruits and veggies being sell along the road..when we were there it was covered with dark clouds and very cold air...refreshing! until I forgot to snap a pic of Kundasang :( but i still remember the nice view of it.
After lunch we headed to Poring hot spring not because to take a warm bath but we wanted to try a canopy walk. What I can say is that you have to experience it then you know..hehhehee. I'm not an adventurous person but walking in the jungle with my kids and had the chance to teach them a few things about our nature is one of the best moment in my life. Walking on a canopy walk with one hand carrying my little Afiq was quite a challenge mentally and physically for me..but Alhamdulillah everything went on smoothly. Later that day we headed to Sabah Tea Plantation hoping to get a cheaper Sabah Tea but the shop there was closed already at the time we were there but we were offered a nice view of Sabah Tea Plantation.
The third day in KK, we went to Manukan Island. I love it...a crystal clear water really calming. Hubby and kids had a great time there, me and Afiq just enjoyed a nice view of Manukan Island. I didn't do much shopping in KK, just a few crystal bracelet for souvenirs and salted fish ;)
Ok lets enjoy the pics...

Me and the kids beside the hotel swimming pool..

Le meridien KK

The view in front of the hotel

The famous Filipino Market..

Jetty at Manukan Island

The view at one spot in Manukan Island..

Afiq is so happy enjoying the beach view..

My heroes :)

The boys at the beach..

crystal clear water

At the jetty..

This the view from the jetty..the water is so crystal can see the fish swimming down there

That is Kinabalu mountain..

Oh did I mention that we had to change the boat right in the middle of the sea???...scary weh..

In the boat to Manukan Island

Ticket counter at Jesselton point..jetty to Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.

The entrance to the jetty

On the way to Kinabalu National Park

Poring Hotspring..

canopy walk..

At the start of canopy walk..

Jungle tracking..

KFC in the car :)

Likas mosque..

Cultural performance at Seafood restaurant in bukit Padang..

Le royal club at Le Meridien KK

Flight to KK

I'm too lazy to reorganize the pics above...hehhehehee
Anyway, Sabah is a very nice place to go for a holiday. I surely will go for the second time :)


Salt N Turmeric said...

Dr.No, i think 280 for 2 adults and 2 kids are very expensive. i remember this open-air seafood restaurant outside a hotel (cant remember the name) and it was not expensive at all. Sedap pulak tu. Takpelah, as long as you guys and the kids had fun kan?

Farah Deen said...

nat...tak sangka hang ni leh tahan lasak! patut hampa anak beranak masuk amazing race asia....muhahahahhahaha..dari pak, mak sampai hat kecik ganas!!!

natrah said...

Farina,mahal kan?I thought it gonna cost us 150-200 je..boleh tahan sampai 280..huh parah!probably i will not go there for the 2nd time...l pun byk seafood resto yg lain kan kat kk tu..

natrah said...

Haaa Farah, saiful said that too...boleh masuk amazing race,esp on our last day,mana daknya naik flight dari kk ke kl,pastu amik teksi fr klia to his sis hse,pastu dia drive lak blk baling...huh all in one day!,,tapi aku mmg tak lasak...peluh melekit lekit aku tak soka!hahahaaa

Wen said...

i think i wld need a sling to carry my girl there. we will be going soon!

LadyJava said...

Wowee.. gi holiday eh.. beshnya... looks like you guys had a wonderful time... awesome pictures lah!!

natrah said...

Wen,yes that would be a great idea..enjoy ur trip ya!