Tuesday, October 28, 2008

hello mak...

For all readers and friends of this blog, i would like to apologize due to inactivity of the blog for quite some time. It is unintentional, but my wife is currently struggling with her study as her exam is just around the corner.
Afiq is doing well now and gaining weight as he should. he is very active like his elder brother danial. and also very cheeky. he also knows how to throw a tantrum now. I can't be late to prepare his susu 'milk' or else he would yell his heart out.
he can't walk yet but he can stand without support. he also likes to play with the cordless phone. he would mumbling with the phone and sometimes laugh. As if he is talking with somebody. hehe.
Aiman is also getting bigger due to his big appetite. yesterday i took both aiman and danial for dinner at a local food place. he has been nagging me to take him there to eat ikan bakar 'fish' or other preparation of ikan. we orderer a simple ikan siakap 3 rasa and a sup tulang. i only ordered 2 plates of rice. i shared with danial and aiman got 1 plate for himself. to my amazement, he was able to finish the whole plate. he just said to me 'aiman lapaq..' hehe... i guess he got that type of an appetite from me.
Danial being danial. as active as ever. but one thing that i noticed. he kept asking what day mommy will be back. i told him not too long now. i guess he misses his mommy. :( don't worry danial mak will be back soon after she finishes her exams. then both of you can quarrel again. LOL.

helo mak, bila nak balik?

Afiq posing with his new favourite 'toy'


natrah said...

Alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sedeyyyyyy...I miss all of you at home :((((
hopefully I'll be strong enough to face the next coming wk without going back as usual this wkend..huhu tapi tetap sedeyyy.Mana gambar anak2 mak yang besar2 lagi dua tuuu??nk tgk jugak apa diorang buat..

pssst:to all my dear blogging friends...sorry for my absence in this blogging world for quite some time...struggling with my study,exam is coming very very soon..wish me luck :)

Farah Deen said...

arghhh...so sweet la this entry...and..OMG!! Afiq dah pandai cakap tepon dah...dulu kan main jer...dok gayut tang badan kita ja..Aiman, danial and afiq(plus saiful) - dont worry...natrah will be back after her exam and will be enjoying her holiday without any hassles of studies...so you guys can bully her to cook ur favourite dishes and entertain the three stooges more! Hhhehhehehe

Wahidah said...

sbr kay...after exam nanti dh pulang pualng kep angkuan keluargaaa